With the International Air Transport Association (IATA) expecting passenger traffic to grow significantly over the next two decades, airports are looking for every opportunity to create a differentiating passenger experience and push their operations to new levels of automation. Cloud-based technology appears to be the best way to meet this challenge. Rockwell Collins’ ARINC cMUSE, the only fully deployable cloud solution available for airports today, is helping take the challenge head on.

The best of both: reliability and security working in tandem

Combining the proven reliability and security of the company’s passenger-processing solutions with the advantages of cloud technology, ARINC cMUSE helps airports keep passengers moving faster, simpler, smarter and more seamlessly. Rockwell Collins’ ARINC cMUSE boasts operational felixibility. With the technology on offer, airports are no longer constrained to the limitations of specific check-in desks and gate areas.

You can deploy workstations in minutes, anywhere, anytime. Automated workstations allow faster set-up, with nearly the entire process being automated to enable users to configure workstations and the peripherals attached to them without the need of dedicated IT personnel.

ARINC cMUSE helps airports keep passengers moving faster, simpler, smarter and more seamlessly.

The list goes on: numerous functions for unprecedented support

The product offers inimitable support for irregular operations. In situations such as major delays, poor weather or any other disruptive event, ARINC cMUSE can be quickly scaled to adapt, allowing workstations to be moved anywhere they are needed. Any updates are made accessible almost immediately, as using cloud technology means no more reimaging devices, which can take weeks. Airports can implement new features over their network, in a controlled manner and inline with change processes.

ARINC cMUSE needs far fewer resources, less space and less on-site support to run than traditional systems, enabling the efficiencies that lead to more costeffective operations and a lower total cost of ownership. Application updates are automatically made available for users to pull and test, greatly reducing deployment time and impact on workstations.

A handle on the situation: a solution that promotes total peace of mind

The solution offers the most efficient way to manage any prospective processes. This is because ARINC cMUSE allows airports to manage, centralise and automate processes. Data mining, analytics, reports and dashboards give users the tools for the most informed day-to-day decision-making.

Overall, these features allow faster airline productivity. With ARINC cMUSE connectivity, airlines can leverage existing common use terminal equipment (CUTE) and common use passenger processing systems (CUPPS) to access any cMUSE airport, reducing operational readiness from weeks or months to just days.

Rockwell Collins’ solution makes it easier than ever for support providers and ground handlers to aid airports. Auto-configuration ensures minimal errors and reduces deployment to just minutes.