Rockwell Collins is pleased to announce the arrival of a newly-released brochure ready for download or online viewing in our resources department.

ARINC Airports AirVueTM digital signage helps airports of all sizes to overcome traditional challenges and simplify the way they share and manage passenger-related information both inside and outside the airport terminal building.

Putting the right information in front of the right customer at the right time is critical to enhancing the passenger experience, and ARINC AirVue displays can help. With options for a single flight board to strategically place in a restaurant or car hire kiosk to a full height installation in a heavy traffic area, Rockwell Collins can uniquely tailor a solution to suit your needs

Flexible, scalable operational management

ARINC AirVue uses a common methodology for data exchange, compatible with XML-based standards that allows seamless operation with multiple databases from multiple sources.

The simplicity of the system enables operation on multiple enterprise servers to drive anything from a handful of devices from a single workstation to thousands of display devices, making the system suitable for airports of any size located anywhere in the world.
Rockwell Collins’ ARINC FIDS delivers a comprehensive approach to support every aspect of information delivery to passengers including design, display scheduling, data delivery and device management.

Meeting the challenges to keep passengers moving

Regardless of the size of your airport or business, digital signage conveys information about travel arrangements and concessionary services directly to your passenger traffic, allowing enhanced passenger experience and also giving the airport operator the opportunity to maximise revenue. The AirVue system displays digital advertising alongside critical travel information, and can be placed within car hire kiosks, concession stands and hotel foyers to strategically lead the passenger through the desired route.

Operators are able to customise information across the entire travel environment, and can help to steer travellers, whether to minimise delays, reduce queues or increase revenue. The ARINC AirVue enterprise solution enables operators to manage, push and monitor display content in a standalone solution to create both airport-wide and location-specific information.

Interactive capabilities and mobile flight boards

ARINC AirVue offers operators further flexibility with the ability to deliver an interactive experience for passengers in a touchscreen application. These units are the ideal wayfinding solution, and include options for advertising, weather updates and local or national news, and allow aviation businesses to target the specific needs of customers in key areas.

AirVue flight boards are scaled to deliver the look and functionality of the traditional FIDS, yet are available in a range of screen sizes right down to mobile and are web-based and wireless to deliver the ideal solution for small airports, airport concessionaires and car hire kiosks. Functionality is the same, and real-time flight information, advertisements and ticker display is standard.

Download your copy of the ARINC Airports AirVue digital signage brochure today or contact us to find out more.

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