Rockwell Collins’ ARINC Airports is pleased to announce the arrival of a new datasheet in our resources lounge. ARINC Airports SelfServ solution is helping global airports of all sizes to find ways to keep passengers moving through the airport environment to reduce congestion and enhance passenger experience.

ARINC SelfServ software delivers the opportunity to use a cost-effective solution on CUSS-compliant applications without modifying or implementing upgraded equipment and infrastructure. The simplicity of the platform requires a minimal footprint, which has resulted in its use for both on- and off-site deployment.

The key benefits of ARINC SelfServ include:

  • Flexible and compact design
  • User-friendly, touchscreen technology
  • Flexible technology options with non-proprietary internal components
  • Wired and wireless capability
  • Hosts any CUSS-compliant applications
  • Supports integrated biometrics
  • Boarding pass printing options
  • RFID bag tag support
  • Remote check-in
  • Credit card verification.

Biometrics integration

The introduction of biometrics use in airports around the world is increasing, as operators realise the benefits of seamless security monitoring, and the enhanced experience for both passengers and the operational platform that biometrics creates.

The ARINC SelfServ common-use kiosks are contributing to the biometric revolution with integrated biometric capabilities to reduce investment in systems or airport infrastructure. With additional challenges faced almost daily within airports to increase security and meet mandatory requirements, biometrics implementation, ARINC SelfServ is helping airports move towards the ‘single token’ passenger journey.

Flexible installation and connectivity

Rockwell Collins’ ARINC SelfServ offers uniquely-flexible installation, with the ability to be installed anywhere with a network connection and a power source, from the airport terminal building to an off-site hotel foyer. This flexibility delivers a truly seamless approach to the passenger journey, and can expedite routine tasks, such as check-in and baggage handling and drop off.

ARINC SelfServ can also operate on WiFi and 3G/4G, further enhancing flexibility and scalability in areas that may not have standard cabled connections. This feature is particularly useful during peak demand times, when passengers are most likely to incur queues and high traffic areas.

To find out more about Rockwell Collins’ ARINC SelfServ solutions, download the datasheet now, or contact us for further information.

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