The Rockwell Collins single token biometric service is creating a simplified experience for the airport passenger, reducing queueing and wait times, while remaining seamlessly secure.

The single token, paperless airport journey offers biometric enrolment, and allows airports to deliver an end-to-end experience without making significant changes to applications or infrastructure.

In line with, and working towards the IATA Fast Travel initiative, which aims to provide flight passengers with a seamless experience by 2020.

How does the single token biometric journey work?

During the initial check-in process, a passenger’s boarding pass, passport biographic and biometric details, including often a facial recognition, retina or fingerprint image, are captured and merged to form a single identity token that can be used by the passenger through each area of the terminal, whether they use agent-assisted check-in or self-service.

As passengers reduce the need to continually present travel documentation, the entire journey through the airport is expedited, creating a seamless experience for the passenger, and a smooth operational environment for the airport operator.

Biometric identification tokens can be delivered to border agencies and government departments efficiently, and validation occurs at every touch point within the airport to provide secure movement, reducing delays and giving airports greater flexibility for use of resources.

Improving airport operations through greater flexibility

With adaptation of the single token journey, airport operations can be improved as systems and processes become seamless, and resource management flexible.

Airport personnel management can be a challenging part of operations, and the introduction of the single token biometric journey can give operators the opportunity to maintain exceptional flow, while ensuring flexibility as pressure is relieved. This allows operators to better utilise manpower and provide immediate assistance where necessary.

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