According to several media reports, Securiport, a global leader in intelligent immigration controls and civil aviation security solutions, helped Senegalese authorities apprehend two high-ranking Daesh − most commonly referred to as ISIS − jihadists in the Senegal Airport.

The suspects − of Moroccan descent − were travelling from Istanbul when they were flagged by Securiport’s global security system and arrested immediately. The names of the suspects have yet to be released, but they are the 36th terrorists to be captured by Senegalese authorities this year.

In this globally connected world, ensuring strategic border security has become a high priority for European, Middle Eastern and African nations alike. Terrorists don’t respect international borders, so the need for implementing strong immigration control measures is imperative. As criminals and terrorists move across borders undetected, utilising intelligent immigration control is a critical weapon in the fight against these new threats.

And nowhere is there a greater need for border security than at airports. In 2016 Interpol flagged 115,000 people attempting to use fraudulent passports and travel documents. That’s why countries typically ravaged by terrorists and criminals illegally crossing their borders are now relying on sophisticated airport security to assist them with their security.

With this technology, and with the assistance of specially trained personnel, airports now have access to comprehensive biometric and passport screening technology in an integrated system, and real-time access to Interpol and similar international security-related databases.

Securiport provides proprietary security solutions to governments in need. With state-of-the-art airport security, Securiport stems the flow of criminals and terrorists across borders by maximizing the usage of the most sophisticated predictive analytics tools, and big data, to keep airport passengers, and the world, safe.