Securiport is a global leader in intelligent immigration controls and civil aviation security solutions, addressing border security challenges with innovative methodologies that keep citizens and travellers safe. By offering cutting-edge biometric technologies and advanced data analytics tools, Securiport effectively provides authorities with the knowledge and the technical tools to ensure efficiency and control across international borders.

A multimodal biometric identification system

Securiport’s Civil Aviation and Immigration Security Services make use of the most advanced technologies for the multimodal biometric recognition of people. Depending on the application and the client’s preferences, Securiport will use fingerprint, iris, face recognition, or a combination of these, employing the most advanced scanners and automated biometric identification systems for the processing and matching of people’s biometrics. The process incorporates all data to reveal false or multiple identities, checking the collected data against local and international watch-list records.

A data analysis and profiling system designed to improve air traffic security

Securiport’s intelligent data-analysis methodologies effectively generate profiles on potential offenders and provide forecast alarms on possible local and transnational criminal activities. Immigration databases are cross-matched with other datasets, including traveller itineraries and health records, to uncover patterns and orient directed database searches. Advanced data-mining techniques and comparison algorithms are then used to identify and address security concerns.

A training curriculum to guide proper operation of analytical tools and systems

Securiport provides full training to government functionaries in the operation of all aspects of its programmes. A pedagogical approach is used by our experienced technical instructors to effectively transfer their knowledge of the industry’s practices to clients. Online simulated training environments allow continuous engagement between our clients and engineers, ensuring proper operation of the systems and analytical tools.

Full confidentiality and security of every client’s data

As a privately-owned company, Securiport is free from affiliation with any specific government. This independence guarantees to its clients the full confidentiality of their data. The databases are encrypted so that authorised government officials have exclusive access immigration, watch-list and profiling data as well as other confidential materials. Securiport’s information handling methodology prevents its own personnel from having access to data generated or stored by the system.

A watch-list database for efficient detection of wanted individuals

The integrated immigration control system provides tools to create and maintain wanted-person records, including demographic and biometric information. The integrated data management system allows for exchange with other relevant state or government databases. Identification checks are consistently performed on each passenger and a veiled alarm system alerts immigration officials of possible watch-list hits in real time