Forty eight automated Materna self-service bag drop machines, including DESKO’s PENTA Scanner Cube², have been installed in the North Terminal of Gatwick Airport to speed up check-in and bag drop formalities for passengers.

Passengers no longer need to join a queue at the check-in counter to drop off their baggage. At London Gatwick, they are directly led to the new self-service bag drop zone. The new kiosk based system allows passengers to check-in their luggage by verifying their passports against a boarding pass, weighing their luggage and labeling all cases themselves. This way London Gatwick will enhance its check-in capacity to provide a better passenger service and be prepared for the continuing increase in passenger figures.

The new bag drop kiosks along with the well-proven PENTA technology, accelerate passport and boarding pass checks as well as luggage drop off procedures. Long queues at the check-in counters are avoided leading to reduced waiting times and a smooth passenger flow.