With more than 20 years of experience in the airline and airport sector, DESKO is your ideal partner within the fields of passenger handling, passenger flow control, access control, security checks, and passport and boarding pass scanning. DESKO´s wide product range offers a perfect solution for every passenger touch-point, and its devices guarantee a smooth passenger journey from check-in to boarding.

With its subsidiaries in Singapore and the US, DESKO is eager to cement its position as a high-quality product supplier on the airline and airport market, and to continue setting new standards for the industry.

Integrated keyboard – NEPTUN chrom

We are very proud to introduce our latest product to the market, our brand-new integrated keyboard NEPTUN chrom. The NEPTUN keyboard will be equipped with DESKO´s well-known MRZ and MSR technology for passport or ID card reading and mag stripe card reading. But, for the first time ever in the history of integrated keyboards, it will also be completely water and dust resistant according to IP54 regulations. Not just the keymatrix and the key caps, the entire keyboard including swipe slot will be water and dust resistant. No more damaged keyboards due to water spillage. No more closed counters due to equipment replacements.

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Swipe reader for passports and magnetic stripe cards – IDenty chrom®

Our IDenty chrom is the latest addition to the innovative chrom family (see also NEPTUN chrom keyboard). Based on its predecessor, the mini MPR, it is equipped with the latest technology in OCR and MSR reading and provides accurate read results from ID documents such as passports or ID cards, visas and magnetic stripe cards.

The entire device including chrome-plated swipe slot is water and dust resistant according to IP54 regulations. It withstands water spillages without functional restrictions. Due to its compact design, the IDenty chrom fits in even the narrowest workstation.

For flexible data capture independent from a fixed workstation, the IDenty chrom is also available as a mobile version with Bluetooth® technology and integrated battery pack.

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Boarding pass scanner – BGR 504 pro

Our BGR 504 pro is your perfect device for boarding pass scanning. It reads barcodes faster than ever and, thanks to its flatbed design, detects barcodes already from a distance of 10cm. Just tap-and-go and your boarding pass is read. Its large and multicoloured display with two big LEDs on each side give an immediate and highly visible feedback, whether the scanned ticket is valid or not, to the passenger as well as the agent. A buzzer sound, volume controllable, even supports this message acoustically.

BGR 504 pro, the ultimate boarding pass scanner.

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Versatile document scanners – PENTA Technology

Our PENTA platform consists of different scanners, every single one developed to be class-leading and future-proof in its division. The PENTA platform includes the PENTA Scanner CKI made for check-in applications; the PENTA Scanner BGR, our high-class boarding gate reader; the PENTA Scanner ID Terminal including a touch display for user guidance, perfect for self-service applications; and the PENTA Scanner Cube Line, our OEM versions, specially made for kiosk or eGate integrations.

All PENTAs are equipped per default with our OCR/MRZ and barcode reading technology for passport and ID card reading. All scanners can be upgraded with for example a NFC reader, mag stripe card reader or smart card reader. Nevertheless, each of them has their own individual package according to their fields of expertise. The entire PENTA platform is certified with all common use providers to guarantee an easy and simple integration into your system.

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