Analogic Corporation (NASDAQ: ALOG), enabling the world’s medical imaging and aviation security technology, today announced that its COBRA® checkpoint computed tomography (CT) system has been approved by the United Kingdom’s Department for Transport (DfT) as an Advanced Cabin Baggage X-ray (ACBX) system. The ACBX approval is in addition to the COBRA’s existing approvals by the European Civil
Aviation Conference (ECAC) and U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA). In March 2013, the COBRA checkpoint CT system became the only system to meet the Standard 2 detection level in Type D operations, where liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs) remain inside passenger carry-on bags, and Type D+ operations, where LAGs and complex electronics, such as laptops, remain inside passenger carry-on bags.
Jim Green, Analogic’s president and CEO, commented, "The ACBX approval, combined with the previously announced ECAC approval, paves the way for operational testing at Europe’s largest airports. "We believe that CT technology is the future of the checkpoint, resulting in increased passenger throughput, enhanced detection of explosives and other threats, and an improved passenger experience, while allowing liquids and laptops to remain in carry-on bags, ultimately reducing airport operating costs."

Eric Zanin, vice president and general manager for the Security business, said, "We recognize the significance of the DfT approval and are proud to have the COBRA added to the list of approved ACBX systems. Our COBRA checkpoint CT system delivers best-in-class threat detection performance with higher passenger throughput for the UK and other international airports."

Analogic’s CT technology meets the highest TSA, ECAC, and DfT standards for threat detection. Over the past fifteen years, Analogic has developed and deployed more than 1,200 state-of-the-art threat detection systems and subsystems for use in airports around the world. Analogic provides innovative solutions for a wide spectrum of customers ranging from small regional airports to large international hubs.

About Analogic

Analogic (NASDAQ:ALOG) provides leading-edge healthcare and security technology solutions to advance the practice of medicine and save lives. We are recognized around the world for advanced imaging systems and technology that enable computed tomography, ultrasound, digital mammography, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), as well as automated threat detection for aviation security. Our CT, MRI, digital mammography, and ultrasound transducer products are sold to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), providing state-of-the-art capability and enabling them to enter new markets and expand their existing market presence. Our market-leading BK Medical and Ultrasonix branded ultrasound systems, used in procedure-driven markets such as urology, surgery, and point-of-care, are sold to clinical end users through our direct sales force. For over 40 years we’ve enabled customers to thrive, improving the health and enhancing the safety of people around the world.