Heathrow’s preferred plans for its expansion, including the creation of a third runway and new car parks, have been laid out as a statutory consultation period begins. The plans encompass a period up to around 2050 and show the diversion of rivers and the re-routing of the M25 through a tunnel under the new runway. Community facilities such as allotments and a primary school will be relocated, and the vision will require the purchase of a number of homes. The consultation will run until 13 September 2019.

“Expansion must not come at any cost,” said Emma Gilthorpe, Heathrow’s Executive Director for Expansion. “That is why we have been working with partners at the airport, in local communities and in Government to ensure our plans show how we can grow sustainably and responsibly – with environmental considerations at the heart of expansion.”

Robert Barnstone, campaign coordinator of Stop Heathrow Expansion, has spoken out against the plans. “Heathrow's plans are laughable,” he said. “Not only does it want to disrupt people's lives for up to 30 years whilst building this new runway but now proposes jumbo-size car parks whilst pledging to reduce the number of people using cars at the airport.”