insights that lead to improvement.

Mariëlle Sijm, Operations Manager at Eindhoven Airport, explains how CIT was used to enhance their approach to security operations monitoring. “The security process exists so to say as a necessary ‘obstacle’ step in in the passenger journey. In order to ease this obstacle for the passenger we like to really assess how the passenger is moving its way through security from start till end. This includes capturing their pace through each of the processes and also monitoring where they usually have to wait in the process.”

CIT Tablet Application

CIT provided Eindhoven Airport the right handles to initiate successful change, Mariëlle continues: “Through CIT and the Security Dashboard we are able to act on the isolated focus area and initiate specific enhancements, having direct impact on the passenger experience or work force planning efficiencies. The great thing about CIT then again is that you can easily measure whether your initiated change has the desired effect.”

Home Page BI Security Dashboard

With this trial, Point FWD is now able to successfully demonstrate its CIT capability by taking the next step in output representation. Robin van Gemert, Senior Consultant at Point FWD explains: “Whilst our data capture approach has been applied for many years in the past already, the deployment of interactive reports enables us to present very detailed and unique security operation insights in a user-friendly way, easy to understand for everyone.”

What really acts as the basis for releasing CIT is to make security checkpoint enhancement accessible and less complex for the security stakeholder. Point FWD’s future aim is to quit speculating on improvement, and rather start experimenting, continue measuring and then keep adapting your operational set-up to changing situations.

The BI deployment at Eindhoven Airport is just an example of what is possible with CIT, Robin explains: “every security checkpoint challenge, ranging from equipment selection, to trial projects and contract renewals are in scope for CIT, all to gain more control, efficiency and confidence.”

with outcomes that are substantial

As a direct result of deploying CIT at Eindhoven Airport in the past 14 weeks, various potential enhancements have been analysed, of which one led to substantial staffing efficiency gains and potential re-allocation of staff. However, the most important benefit for Eindhoven Airport following Mariëlle Sijm, is the direct connection they’ve gained with the passenger and its actions in the complete security process.

Point FWD and Eindhoven Airport continue to work on CIT to further develop the Security Dashboard to stay on top of changing process situations, to implement new enhancements and to develop more valuable process specific report components. There is still a great part that has been left untouched so to say.