Millions of pieces of luggage are daily transported by air and luggage is handled roughly in airports before and after departures and arrivals.

At Vojens Airport it will, from this Wednesday, be possible to see how damaged suitcases, long waiting time at arrival belts and not least how physical injuries with the baggage handling employees can be avoided. The small Danish airport presents a brand-new and state of the art complete baggage handling solution.

The presentation is done together with the company BBHS A/S who is behind the solution, which integrates automatic baggage handling at departures as well as arrivals.

"We are very proud to present our solution for departures as well as arrivals at Vojens Airport. The corporation will give both parties an optimal starting point for growth over the coming years and the system will prevent physical work injuries connected with the hard and repetitive physical work lifting heavy luggage on a daily basis, states Martin Sattrup Christensen, CEO of BBHS A/S.

The corporation also involves Haderslev municipality, and while the southern part of Denmark gets a state of the art baggage handling system, BBHS gets an airport-based test centre, which can be used for presenting the system as well as for educational purposes in connection with agreements with other buyers and airports.

The solution reduces manual lifting in the baggage handling process with up to 95% and simultaneously reduces the numbers of lost and damaged baggage significantly. Waiting time at arrival belts will also see reductions, and continuous location of the luggage is also under control. The baggage is automatically and gently treated from check in to the flight and again upon arrival, hence no one is throwing the luggage before it reaches the owner.

The baggage solution is already implemented at Billund Airport on the Arrival side, and has contributed to the fact that Billund Airport received the Danish 2016 work environment award. The solution has a Global perspective for BBHS, which earlier this year received a prestigious Award for the advanced BBHS intelligent Baggage System. 800 delegates and managers from the aviation and airport
industry voted BBHS as winner of the IATA-IGHC-Innovation award in Bangkok.

This happened ahead of other innovative solutions from, among others, the Australian Airline Qantas. The BBHS Solution is increasingly in demand and several international airports are already in dialogue with the Danish company on how to integrate the automatic baggage handling solution in various airports.

The perspective is huge and growth of half a billion DKK is projected within a realistic 3-5 year time horizon.

"Our automatic baggage solution is the biggest leap in innovation and development in the Airport industry during the last 50 years and we are bringing the the industry into the 21st century," Martin Sattrup Christensen states.

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