In November 2011 Vanderlande Industries was awarded the contract to supply an upgrade for the existing baggage handling system of Göteborg Landvetter Airport in Sweden.

The upgrade of the baggage handling system at Göteborg Landvetter Airport, worth €4.2m, will be executed while the existing system remains operational and normal business continues. Vanderlande Industries has ample experience and expertise with projects like this, which require careful and exact planning and execution.

In the existing system, replacements of current x-ray machines are necessary because of the new screening regulations that will become effective as of 1 September 2012. The airport also needed a capacity increase to be able to cope with the increase in passengers of 19% in the last year. The capacity increase will be achieved by the addition of a new baggage handling line, integrating a Baxorter loop sorter with in-loop screening.

Mr Marcus Öberg, project manager baggage handling at Göteborg Landvetter Airport said: "The Baxorter in-line screening concept from Vanderlande answered our demands regarding aspects like capacity, available space and future growth expectations."

There will also be a significant upgrade of the controls of the system. The current PLCs will be replaced and the current high-level controls will be replaced by the Vanderlande VIBES software suite. The project will be ready and operational in Spring 2013.