Vanderlande Industries has won the order to supply the new baggage handling system for the renovation of passenger Terminal T2 at Rio de Janeiro’s Galeão International Airport in Brazil, managed by Empresa Brasileira de Infrastrutura Aeroportuária (INFRAERO).

The new system is part of the airport’s extensive development and renovation plans in preparation for the 2014 World Cup football and the 2016 Olympics in Brazil. Vanderlande Industries won the tender auction for BRL 59.5 million (EUR 24.6 million) together with the Brazilian company Tecnenge, by offering a competitive price and delivering its international standards of quality and baggage handling performance.

The new baggage handling system will serve 106 check-in positions, including integrated 100% hold baggage screening and fully automated sorting of departures and transfer baggage. Among others, the project will include a new arrivals system, IT technology and initially three years of operations and maintenance, that will ensure a constant excellent performance in baggage operations. This will make it the first fully automated baggage handling and sorting system with integrated hold baggage screening in Brazil and South America.

Improved market position of Galeão International Airport
Mr Erik Cappendijk, area director Brazil said: "At Vanderlande Industries, we believe that this will enable Galeão International Airport to establish their reputation and market position as an attractive international hub for Brazil. It will also enable Galeão International Airport to implement multiple processes towards improved passenger and airline satisfaction levels."

Examples are the implementation of efficient check-in processes to reduce queuing, enabling high passenger throughput and differentiated services to airlines (separation business/economy class and guaranteed connection times). It offers opportunities to significantly reduce handling costs and opens up opportunities to increase revenues from shopping, as passengers will be able to spend more time in the commercial areas.

Capacity of up to 4,000 bags an hour
The new baggage handling system will have a capacity of up to 4,000 bags an hour. It consists of two subsystems, each of three system lines with integrated X-ray machines for Level 1 and 2 screening and a baxorter loop sorter for final sorting to the flight make-up chutes.

Each subsystem will also have an integrated CT scanner for Level 3 screening, plus a back-up carousel for full redundancy. The system will be integrated with airline IT systems, creating a single solution to maximise performance for both airlines and passengers and to reduce lost baggage to an absolute minimum.

Complete Services package to enable world class baggage processes
The package of services that will be provided by Vanderlande Industries will ensure operational excellence for the baggage processes, with a unique baggage operations approach in reference to other current Brazilian Airports.

Mr Erik Cappendijk: "We believe that this will significantly improve the competitive position of Galeão International Airport by enabling the continuous attention on improving airline and passenger satisfaction levels, among others as reviewed by IATA. It will facilitate the growth in passenger volumes, realise cost savings in operational and maintenance processes and add value to airport operations as it enables the implementation of smart baggage processes for the long term."

The Vanderlande operations and maintenance team at Galeão International Airport will provide 24/7 site-based support to facilitate the process and guarantee a 99.9% availability of the BHS for smooth airport operations.

Together with local partners
For this project Vanderlande Industries and the Brazilian company Tecnenge Tecnologia de Engenharia LTDA, formed a consortium with a 5% share for Tecnenge and a 95% share for Vanderlande Industries. Tecnenge has long experience of installation and maintenance works at Galeão International Airport. Tecnenge will handle the installation work with support from Vanderlande. As partners, both companies will bring their expertise into the project to complete an excellent project for Infraero, well in time for 2014 World Cup Football and 2016 Olympic Games.

Vanderlande Industries opens Brazilian company
With its recently opened branch in São Paulo, as well as our team at Galeão International Airport, Vanderlande Industries ensures local presence in Brazil to provide a continuous and excellent sales and service support. By establishing a local branch, Vanderlande Industries is dedicated to create local employment opportunities and stimulate the local economy through projects, services and supply chain activities. A combination of international and local supply chain is enabled, such that Vanderlande ensures its international standard on quality and performance, while complying with all regulations of the Brazilian government and Brazilian Investment Bank BNDES.