Vanderlande Industries has been awarded the contract to supply and install the baggage handling system for the new terminal at King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The contract has a value of over €125m, one of the largest contracts in recent years in the world. The new terminal will open in 2014.

The baggage handling system order forms part of the total contract for the terminal which was awarded to the Saudi Binladen Group, one of the largest contractors in the Middle East. The owner of the airport is the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA).

Vanderlande Industries was selected because of the confidence of the customer and partners in its technology, project management, IT and O&M capabilities. These are underlined by the company’s numerous references at airports in the region and around the world.

The baggage handling system will be based on Vanderlande’s innovative TUBTRAX concept, to transport baggage at high speed in tubs over distances of more than 1km in the terminal. Automated, space-saving storage of early bags will be provided by the company’s unique BAGSTORE system. Efficient operation is ensured by Vanderlande’s VIBES software suite to control the system and support the operators. A further special feature of the system is the automatic handling of arrivals baggage.

"We are extremely happy receiving the order for the baggage handling system for this prestigious airport development. This significant order confirms our leadership in the worldwide baggage handling market," said Pieter Havenaar, managing director baggage handling of Vanderlande Industries. "Our long-standing relationships in the industry with customers, partners and consultants and our proactive approach have once again proved to be the key to success."

TUBTRAX and BAGSTORE technologies are at the heart of the baggage handling system

The twin crescent shape of the new terminal measuring 1,200m x 800m is ideally suited for TUBTRAX. The handling of bags in tubs offers robust operation with high availability and reliability, and allows high-speed transport and reliable sorting without requiring dedicated sorters. From 216 check-ins TUBTRAX will transport the baggage to 32 make-up carousels.

Early baggage will be temporarily stored in an early bag store using BAGSTORE, Vanderlande’s proven automatic storage & retrieval system technology. With built-in 100% redundancy, the system allows each item to be retrieved individually according to priority, maximising flexibility and control.

A special element of the system is the automatic handling of arrivals baggage. The same TUBTRAX system is used to transport and sort arrivals baggage from the aircraft stands to one of the 20 claim carousels.

The IT component of the system consists of the Vanderlande Industries baggage execution system (VIBES), which offers a standard solution for complete operational management of baggage handling systems. VIBES is a standard yet highly flexible and modular solution with the ability to add specific functionalities for individual airports and situations. The design of VIBES allows smooth, risk-free implementation. In operation VIBES ensures optimum use of the system due to its extensive operator support.

King Abdulaziz International Airport

GACA developed the master plan for the airport split into three phases up to 2035. In the first phase the new terminal will have a capacity of 30 million passengers annually. As well as the new passenger terminal, the total supporting infrastructure, the first phase of a cargo village and high-speed rail links to Mecca and Medina are part of this phase.

The mission of the airport is to become an intermodal hub to promote the economic spirit of the country, to support the national air transportation system and to enhance service as the gateway to the region.