Vanderlande Industries, a leading global supplier of automated baggage handling, material handling, and distribution systems, is honored to announce that it has been awarded a contract for the first baggage screening recapitalisation project for the San Francisco international airport (SFO). The project will be delivered while maintaining 100% uptime for all existing baggage operations.

SFO was an early adopter of automated baggage screening systems even before the September 11th attacks. However, after a decade of operation, the existing equipment has reached the end of its lifecycle.

Using a design-build delivery method, Vanderlande will replace systems responsible for approximately 65% of the total daily baggage volume at SFO airport. The $64m contract includes four main tasks:

  • Reconstructing two new explosive detection screening (EDS) matrixes using new EDS machines in the international terminal boarding areas A and G, along with two new checked baggage reconciliation areas (CBRAs),
  • A new screening matrix using new EDS machines in Terminal 3 boarding area F, along with a new CBRA area for TSA staff,
  • Upgrades to the existing baggage handling system using Vanderlande high capacity diverters (HCDs), and high-level upgrades to the existing controls systems
  • Transfer input lines from Terminal 3 boarding area F to boarding area E will all be upgraded.

Jerry Vaughan, project director for Vanderlande said, "We are honored that SFO determined that Vanderlande Industries’ comprehensive plan would ensure success for the airline’s operations. The Vanderlande team is excited to partner with SFO on this important project, where we will be challenged to execute this upgrade while maintaining 100% uptime for all existing baggage operations."