With two new orders, Vanderlande Industries is the market leader for automated baggage handling systems in Indonesia. As well asintroducing automated sorting, with Baxorter and Helixorter loop sorters, and integrated 100% hold baggage screening, Vanderlande is currently working on several other projects in Indonesia, which will give the airports the capacity and service level needed to handle the steadily growing number of passengers.

While passenger numbers are rising, the need for new and automated baggage handling systems in Indonesia is being met by Vanderlande’s competitive and efficient concepts. In 2011, Vanderlande won its first project in Indonesia at Raja Haji Fisabililah international airport in Tanjung, Bintan. The system, based on semi-automated sorting with a carousel and pushers was installed successfully and is already in operation and running smoothly.

The second project won is a new baggage handling system for Sepinggan international airport in Balikpapan (Kalimantan/Borneo). It is the first signed contract for an automated baggage handling system in Indonesia, with two integrated loop sorters, Vanderlande’s Baxorter. The system will be operational in August 2013.

Recently ,the contract for the baggage handling system at the new Kuala Namu Airport,near the city of Medan on the island of Sumatra, was also signed. The project will give Indonesia its second automated baggage handling system, with two firsts: the first Helixorter tilt tray sorter, and the first integrated 100% hold baggage screening in Indonesia. This project is expected to be operational in December 2012.