The Centers of Disease Control in early April announced its social distancing rules of keeping at least 1m apart outdoors and 1.5m apart indoors. If maintaining such distances is not possible, then everyone should wear a mask. In compliance, Taoyuan International Airport will strictly observe the 1.5m rule in all terminals.

From the check-in counters to passport control to information desks, eateries and other business areas, signs have been installed on the tables, floors and in front of all counters to aid passengers in keeping the required distance. The Taoyuan International Airport Corporation understands the inconveniences brought by the policy, but virus prevention and safety takes priority.

On April 1, the airport placed infrared thermal imaging cameras and thermometer guns at all working terminal entrances as well as at departure security checkpoints or a total of 26 temperature monitoring stations.

Airport cleaning staff have doubled down on the disinfecting of floors, tabletops, rubbish bins and restrooms that see high usage rates. They are especially vigilant toward the route that inbound passengers take to clear immigration, as the entire area is cleaned and disinfected after each arrival. Public facilities are cleaned and disinfected at least seven times per day, while restrooms are separated into staff and passenger facilities with the latter cleaned after each wave of passengers. The seats at the standby area for the disease-prevention taxi and bus service are disinfected every hour, and the airport has also boosted air circulation throughout the terminals, including staff offices and business areas.

Rubbing alcohol and other personal disinfecting items are readily available in the halls and in front of elevator doors, building entrances and bathrooms.

Finally, the Taoyuan Airport reminds residents of outlying islands who are under home quarantine orders to complete their 14-day quarantine in Taiwan before taking domestic transport back home. Those living in the Taitung area should arrange for friends and family to pick them up or take the disease-prevention fleet.