UAVs are becoming a major component of the ATM environment and require specific solutions to be integrated into the regular traffic.

SkySoft-ATM is working in two directions to propose management and identification systems to control cooperative and non-cooperative UAVs.

To detect and display drones, Aveillant (a UK-based company) and SkySoft-ATM have integrated their respective solutions. Aveillant has released a 3D holographic radar that surveys the airspace constantly, never losing sight of its targets or their true position.
This position is clearly displayed on Albatross, SkySoft-ATM’s open source air situation display. Users of this HMI are immediately alerted when a drone is detected in the airspace the holographic radar is providing surveillance.

Whereas non-cooperative UAV threats are becoming known to the public with high visibility in the media, integrating and segregating cooperative drones in the regular air traffic management is a key feature for this huge emerging economic market worldwide.

The AIRMOD from FlyOPS, a French company specialised in ground operation for business and general aviation is providing global positioning and communication with UAVs through a compact SATCOM/GSM/VHF/UHF interconnection device, creating the link between the remote pilot and the ANSP through SkySoft-ATM’s flight management consoles and air situation displays.

Albatross Display Professional Edition is the cornerstone of this new light systems’ generation, which provides multi-purpose surveillance and communications solutions, integrating fixed or mobile sensors and management units to operate globally. As an open source solution it will provide the flexibility to display 3D moving maps for remote pilots or professional air situation awareness solutions to air traffic controllers.