Next time you travel or cross a border, your personal data shall be managed by a Privacy by Design-certified Software. This means your personal data (biographic and biometric) will be managed by a software platform that was designed with maximum protection and privacy and with minimised risk of leak.

The world’s leading authority in data privacy, the Privacy by Design Centre for Excellence at Ryerson University (CA), has granted the first Privacy by Design certification to a passenger management software platform. 4 April 2018 marked the date when Orchestra™, the innovative and user-centric Identity and Passenger Flow Management Platform from Vision-Box, received the certification, a premiere in the Identity Management world as well as Travel & Border Control segments.

The certification attests that Orchestra™ Identity Management Platform was designed according to the Privacy by Design™ methodology and meets the highest standards of a globally recognized privacy standard in both hardware and software. It conveys the capability to comply, natively, with any data protection framework in the world, particularly GDPR. It also provides the most sought-after management capacity: manage personal data (biographic and biometric), in multiple stakeholder environments, with maximum protection and privacy – by minimizing the risk that personal data will leak.

With this certification, Vision-Box stays ahead of EU and North America legislations that lead and govern data privacy and security, just before General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is effectively enforced in EU starting 25 May 2018.

Consulting firm Deloitte® has conducted the formal assessment and testing processes. The Ryerson University has executed the final compliance assessment and consequently granted the certification of the platform.

The Privacy by Design™ framework was developed by Dr Ann Cavoukian, distinguished expert-in-residence at Ryerson University’s Privacy by Design Center of Excellence.

"First, let me congratulate Vision-Box on their platform’s successful certification to Privacy by Design™. Through exemplary leadership, Vision-Box has proactively designed the Orchestra™ platform and services with privacy and data protection in mind so that a Data Processor or Data Controller can configure the solutions, with confidence, to meet or exceed regulatory expectations."

By taking a dynamic and proactive approach to earning the Privacy by Design certification for Orchestra™ Platform, Vision-Box provides airports, airlines, border authorities and other entities the ability to:

  • Create greater brand confidence and trust with consumers
  • Comply to IT security best practices based on independently tested data security and control
  • Use secure data management applications in their business practices
  • Be ready for future legislative actions by governments and regulators.

"Privacy and security – through every phase of the Identity lifecycle creation and authentication process – is crucial to ensure passenger data privacy. It’s fundamental to establish trust between the passenger and the entities they interact with their identity electronically: airports, airlines, border control authorities or others", says Miguel Leitmann, Vision- Box global CEO. "Vision-Box set out to offer the means for people to use their identity within trusted environments. Orchestra™ embeds all available Best Practices and relevant certifications as a robust and trusted identity management system, from end-to-end".

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