On September 6, Tolmachevo hosted a meeting on the initial stage of construction of a new Logistic postal center (LPC), which should be one of the major investment projects on the territory of the Novosibirsk airport.

The event was attended by the Governor of the Novosibirsk region Andrey Travnikov, General Director of the FGUP "Russian Post" Nikolai Podguzov, Director of the macro-region "Siberia" of the "Russian Post" Nikolai Novoseltsev, head of the Novosibirsk customs Valery Gukov, General Director of JSC "Airport Tolmachevo" Evgeniy Yankilevich.

The LPC will serve 11 million residents of the Siberian region. A location of the mail processing center at the Tolmachevo airport shall allow unloading mail from the boards of the arriving aircrafts directly, and this must reduce the time for transportation of mail and delivery to the recipient.

Having highly appreciated the pace and scale of construction, Andrei Travnikov underlined the fact that the regional management is already now receiving requests from their colleagues, i.e. from the governors of neighbouring regions. They are expressing their interests in using the powerful Tolmachevo aviation hub in order to organize export deliveries of their products abroad. Already today, we are negotiating with entrepreneurs of the Novosibirsk region, with various partners at the federal level in order to develop future commercial ties that will be useful to the "Russian Post" when employing the center’s capacities. It is necessary that there really was not just the effect of the use of

the production unit of the "Russian Post" in its large corporate system, but also the effect for the region as a whole, as the governor explained.

The Russian Post is now constructing several large logistics centers. In addition to the LPC in Novosibirsk, the construction of centers in Rostov and Khabarovsk is already underway. It is planned that the production facilities should be connected using transport corridors and that they will form one united, the most efficient logistics network. It will significantly speed up the delivery of mailed items across all the country, and will make closer the goods of Internet sites.

According to Evgeniy Yankilevich, the General Director of JSC "Airport Tolmachevo", the project is a continuation of cooperation between the Tolmachevo airport and the "Russian Post" and the Federal customs service of Russia in the field of international postal exchange and is part of the development program of Novosibirsk airport as the largest passenger, cargo and postal hub at the intersection of air routes from Asia to Europe.

"The project of construction of a Logistics postal center is a good example of public-private partnership at the federal level. The timing of the aerodrome reconstruction project, which provides for the construction of a cargo apron with a centralized refueling system, is quite well synchronized with this facility. This can allow the airport to become a world-class cargo hub with a developed infrastructure and great growth potential", explained Evgeniy Yankilevich, General Director of the JSC "Airport Tolmachevo".

We would like to remind you, that the agreement on cooperation in the implementation of the project of construction of a Logistics postal center in the Novosibirsk region among the government of the Novosibirsk region, the Federal customs service of Russia, the FGUP "Russian Post" and JSC "Airport Tolmachevo" was signed on December 25, 2014.

The Federal Postal Service Department of the Novosibirsk region – a branch of the FGUP "Russian Post" includes 15 post offices, 780 stationary offices and eight mobile offices. The branch unites about 5,000 employees, including more than 2,000 postmen. Mail delivery is carried out by more than three hundred cars.