The airport advises inbound passengers to either drive or arrange for pickup by family and friends. Only those without such options should utilize the disease-prevention fleet. Passengers heading to New Taipei, Taipei, Keelung, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Taitung and outlying islands should take a disease- prevention taxi to their destination, or transfer to domestic transport in accordance to quarantine protocol. The fare will be determined by taxi meter. Rental vehicles are available for those traveling to central Taiwan; the prices

follow Ministry of Transportation guidelines according to destination. On March 19, the airport also launched a disease-prevention bus service for those heading to southern Taiwan. Passengers must arrange for friends or family to pick them up upon arrival at the local bus station.

Signs can be found upon arrival directing passengers to the relevant taxi, car rental and bus counters. Airport staff will confirm each passenger’s destination, make a photocopy of their home quarantine notice and guide them to the vehicle.

Before the launch of the fleet, the Taoyuan International Airport Corporation enlisted the Centers of Disease Control to provide disease prevention training and public health education to all drivers. The airport has been especially diligent in disinfecting each vehicle as well as the parking areas to ensure further safety. The Taoyuan Airport Corporation urges passengers to cooperate with the nation’s COVID-19 prevention efforts to protect themselves as well as others. As long as the passenger carefully follows the provided instructions as well as the guidance of our staff, he or she can get home smoothly while contributing to the fight against COVID-19.