Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Taoyuan International Airport saw a drop from 752 flights in January to 166 in March. To take advantage of the lull in passengers, the airport pushed ahead a number of construction projects in March and April. The airport hopes to complete a significant number of items before the pandemic is over to further boost the quality of its facilities and services.

  • Projects that have commenced in advance include the renovation of check-in counter number 10/11 at Terminal 2’s departure hall as well as check in areas 6/7 and 20/21. Upgrades to the flooring and information desk at Terminal 2’s arrival hall are also underway, while improvements to the restrooms in both terminals’ baggage claim areas are being carried out several months ahead of schedule.
  • The observation decks at Terminal 2, which just opened to the public last year, were in need of better air circulation due to their immense popularity with visitors. Vestibules are currently being built in both decks
  • Just as much is being done on the airside. The original plan was to close aprons A1, A2 and A3, but after weighing the situation, B5 and B6 have also been shut down to install upgrades to the jet bridges, waiting lounges and restrooms. Construction on taxiways NP, Q and EC began early as well.


New upgrade items involving areas that normally see heavy foot traffic are also in progress, including the ceilings and floors of public areas, air conditioning in both terminals as well as certain escalators and elevators.

Finally, the airport had originally planned to repair the north runway in increments while keeping it operational, but it has now closed the entire runway for more comprehensive and larger-scale repairs that include the connecting taxiways.

The Taoyuan International Airport Corporation hopes that it can greatly enhance its facilities and services during this time so it can offer an even better experience when traffic picks up again.