At this year’s PTE in Cologne, DATA MODUL will be showcasing the latest product innovations of its brand CONRAC. Both, new hardware and software developments for the CONRAC Passenger Information Systems will be introduced.

Eye-catching highlights of DATA MODUL’s presentation are two unique products:

On show at PTE will be the first large and industrially usable display featuring cutting-edge transparent OLED technology. The 55in device allows for the display of dynamic content on a transparent surface glass, opening up a wide variety of new and innovative applications for industrial clients, e.g. for POS/POI installations, product presentations, showrooms and many more. Due to the OLED technology, black or dark content on the screen is clear and white or bright content is opaque. Using this effect, objects or products behind the device can be covered, explained and/or enhanced by the content shown. OLEDs (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) are self-emitting and do not require an additional light source, which eliminates the need for an enclosure and backlight. To increase the robustness of the only 1.6mm (0.06in) thin device, DATA MODUL offers the option of optical bonding with fully customized cover glasses. Further option on offer is PCAP (Projected Capacitive Touch) functionality by use of mash-up sensors.

Further extra robust new product is the CONRAC 55" Real Outdoor Display specially developed for signage, kiosk and advertising applications in very critical environmental conditions. Coming with a brightness level of more than 2.500cd/m² the display can still be operated at an ambient temperature of 50°C. The special bonding between the TFT panel and laminated safety glass ensures best visibility and low reflection even in full sunshine.

The greatest challenge in the development of real outdoor displays is the operating temperature of such devices, especially in combination with high brightness displays driven under full load.

This problem was solved with an innovative integrated cooling technology, so that the real outdoor displays can be operated at environmental conditions of 50°C and direct sunlight without even dimming the backlight. This allows for new applications involving extreme ambient conditions such as visual docking guidance or at rail, tram and bus stops. Additionally, the existing intelligent heating system of the Advanced Protected series was further developed and enables operating temperatures down to -30°C. The entire unit is IP65 protected and features a watertight and fine dust resistant sealing. Avoidance of external elements like fans or filters makes the device maintenance free.

Completing the product presentation at PTE, there will be a comprehensive overview of CONRAC’s Narrow Bezel, Narrow Bezel Protected and Dust-Proof and Advanced Protected Display series along with the latest electronics options.

Enabling an in depth presentation of the latest features and functions of the CONRAC realtime Flight Information Display System maXcs®, all displays on the booth will be linked to the system allowing to obtain an overview of the unique benefits of perfect functionality between software and hardware. A variety of newly implemented features will give an impression of how passenger advertisement and flight information can be combined in future oriented airport applications. The system’s clearly structured user interface (GUI) allows an easy handling for admins and operators, minimizing error rates along with training time and costs. Compliant with the requirements of international airports, the flight information can be displayed in multiple languages and characters, e.g. Arabic, Thai, Indian, and Cyrillic.

Passenger Terminal Expo 2016, Stand 5010