Kharkov Airport is the first airport in the Ukraine to purchase a baggage handling system (BHS) from Vanderlande Industries as a result of development for the 2012 European Football Championship. Managed by New Systems, the airport has shown substantial effort and progress to develop the airport in time for the event. An efficient and constructive cooperation was achieved between Vanderlande Industries and New Systems by joining forces and starting cooperation in an early phase.

Initially selected as a reserve host city for UEFA Euro 2012, both the city and airport have shown impressive progress to implement the developments needed for the event. This progress, together with the effort of other companies involved with the development for UEFA Euro 2012, eventually resulted in UEFA’s decision to select Kharkov as a genuine host city.

The project includes the construction of a complete new terminal and refurbishment of runway and apron. The new terminal is currently being constructed next to the contemporary Soviet-era terminal.

To ensure the airport is able to handle the required capacity for UEFA Euro 2012 and to enable new opportunities for the development of business in Kharkov, a new BHS will be implemented with a capacity of up to 720 bags per hour. The system includes 12 check-ins, integration of two level 1 screening machines, multiple redundancy features, automatic sortation to level 3 security screening and separated make-up for domestic and international departures.

Moreover, the BHS includes two arrival conveyors, one for domestic and one for international flights. In expectation of future growth, the system is prepared with capacity for easy extension of additional check-ins and arrival carousels. The total value of the contract — including two years of warranty and service support — amounts to €1.5 million.

The terminal is expected to be ready in 2010, well in time for UEFA Euro 2012.