At the Passenger Terminal Expo 2010, Vanderlande Industries will present its new all-in-one concept, Baxpace. With the compact and cost-efficient Baxpace solution, it is now possible for airports to automate the baggage handling process in a reliable, trouble-free way and realise a reduction of up to 30% in labour costs and up to 40% savings on energy consumption.

The concept is especially interesting for regional airports or smaller airport terminals that are looking to automate their baggage handling process. Baxpace integrates all baggage handling tasks including check-in, screening, manual coding and flight make-up in a single flexible Baxorter concept. Based on simple low-maintenance carousel technology the Baxorter has demonstrated a proven operational availability level of over 99.9%, unprecedented for any other automated sorting technology. Because of its modular setup the concept can be completely implemented and operational within a record three months.

Baxpace includes an automated baggage storage that enables a ‘make-up on demand’ operation. By first buffering bags in storage and then releasing them in a controlled way to the make-up operators, a reduction of 30% in labour costs can be achieved. This ‘smart’ make-up also saves building space as fewer make-up chutes are required. Savings on energy consumption up to 40% compared to traditional systems are realised, as all conveyors in Baxpace are based on Greenveyor technology. With full tracking from baggage drop-off to flight reconciliation, all bags are securely processed through the multi-level 100% screening process.

Baxpace is controlled by the modular Vibes software suite that includes all relevant functions such as planning of resources and maintenance, execution of the screening and sorting process, and monitoring and analysis of the complete baggage handling process. This not only guarantees delivering the right bags at the right time at the right destination but also allows for continuous process improvement and performance optimisation. When expanding the airport additional Baxpace modules can be implemented along with the growth of passenger traffic, and can be interconnected to also support the automated handling of transfer baggage.