The airport authorities of Vietnam have signed a contract with Vanderlande Industries to supply the baggage handling system for their new international passenger terminal building at Danang Airport. Vanderlande won the tender under fierce competition with a fitting and competitive offer.

Mr Lodewijk Reineke, commercially responsible for the area, stated: “Danang is the third largest airport of Vietnam, a country that is growing rapidly, in a region that is becoming more and more strategically important for air travel and therefore baggage handling. That is why we are very proud that we have won this contract.”

Vanderlande Industries will provide a completely new baggage handling system for Danang Airport. The system will consist of three check-in islands (two for domestic and one for international) with a total of 38 check-in counters (36 + 2 for OOG). Each check-in island will have three security screening levels. Flight make-up will be done manually by means of a dedicated tilted TRIPLANAR carousel for each check-in island.

In international arrival a customs screening functionality is incorporated. International Arrival will consist of two flat TRIPLANAR carousels, while domestic arrival will have three flat TRIPLANAR carousels. After completion of the project Vanderlande Industries will conduct monthly preventive maintenance inspections during the two-year warranty period.

The project will become operational before the end of 2010.