ZAUGG AG EGGIWIL is one of the world’s leading companies in the development and manufacture of high-end equipment for snow clearance on roads, railways and airports and the preparation of ski slopes. Special machines for municipal technology and ground cleaning round off the offer. Zaugg products are known for their superb Swiss quality, extraordinary operational reliability, unbeatable working comfort and longer-than-average service life which combine to offer maximum performance and economy. Thanks to ongoing innovation and an ability to adapt to customer needs, the company has seen strong growth in recent years and today employs around 160 people in Eggiwil and Schüpbach.

ZAUGG Airport equipment

Snow plough SP3000

The ZAUGG airport snow plough SP3000 is characterised by its extremely high width, remarkably simple design and particularly low weight. Its cross-section with single-arm suspension system for the Number of elements is designed so as to adapt constantly and accurately to the road surface. It also has a snow dust deflector that even works at high clearance speeds. The patented ZAUGG trip edge system guarantees safe passage over obstacles at clearance speeds of up to 60 km/h. With its low operating weight of less than 2,000 kg, the SP3000 can be used without restriction for optimum snow clearance on runways.


Wedge-shaped plough for the rapid and simple clearance of snow around the runway and taxiway boundary lighting at airports and airfields. Adjustable and with a special plough/brush/blower technology for front or rear attachment to the three point power-lifts of tractors or to the front lifting gear of wheel loaders. The two swivelling plough blades are equipped with plastic plates and their open, optimum inwardly curved blade shape ensures wide snow ejection. A special cleaning system (brush/blower technology) removes the residual snow from around the lamps.

Snow plough controllers

The ZAUGG snow plough controllers make the work much easier and enable more efficient and cost-effective use of the ZAUGG snow ploughs by providing a better overview.

With their compactness and multifunctionality the devices are not just eye-catchers. The pressure decrease function for the snow plough prolongs the lifetime of the wearing parts and ensures better steering and lateral guidance. Thanks to the pressure increase function, even heavily compacted snow and ice can be loosened and the vehicles front axle traction increased. The ZRS 102/112/202 controllers are available on request with a separately mounted text display.

Snow sweepers

Powerful ZAUGG snow sweepers ensure the clearance of runways and other manoeuvring surfaces – quickly, efficiently and with Swiss precision. With operating speeds of over 40 km/h the necessary clearing performances are achieved. Whether for the clearance of snow, slush, ice or dirt in winter or for blowing away dirt in the summer – the snow sweepers from ZAUGG are suitable in every respect. These highly efficient airport devices are available with working widths of over 6 m and in towed versions or permanently installed on a modified truck chassis.

Snow blowers

Snow blowers from ZAUGG offer the right solution, adapted to the requirements, for every carrying vehicle. Thanks to the ZAUGG modular system, the basic configurations can be equipped with individual driving and operating equipment. The snow blower model to be used depends on the carrying vehicle.

Self-propelled snow blowers Rolba

Further-developed basing on years of experience, the Rolba series is outstanding in terms of quality and offers enormous clearance capacities of up to 8000 t/h. Powerful engines, finely tuned hydrostatic wheel and auger drive, variably adjustable steering and long casting distance make handling easy and enable efficient working. Depending on the model, they are ideal for clearing narrow streets, mountain passes and airport service areas.

Ground cleaning vehicle Steambeast

New technology for the fast, gentle and efficient cleaning of highly soiled and sensitive floor areas. This unique floor cleaning technique enables the most various circulation areas to be economically and efficiently cleaned and guarantees the maintenance of value at a convincing price/performance ratio.

The ZAUGG Steambeast is a roadworthy vehicle with a front-mounted special cleaning head containing a rotating brush, which loosens the most various types of dirt from the floor by means of hot low-pressure steam. Die squeegee after the brush takes up the loosened dirt and remaining condensed water. Only a small amount of water is needed to cover an extremely large area.

The cleaning head and the corresponding attachment are mounted on or attached to a carrier vehicle especially adapted to the Steambeast.