Modern airport requires robust automation devices that help increase operating efficiency in many areas of the airport ecosystem. Automation in the aviation world plays a pivotal role nowadays. The use of technology provides more efficient airport security, expedited cargo operations and smoother baggage processing.

In the fields of airport business, airport operations and maintenance, on -ground communications new technologies not only provide better security, but can also help to enhance the passenger experience and optimise the workflow.

Winmate offers the latest airport automation technologies − touchscreens and industrial displays, embedded panels, rugged and mobile tablet PCs, portable handhelds as well as digital signage.

Air traffic control

In mission critical environments, performance, and reliable and accurate image reproduction are imperative. From landscape to radar images, this environment is a complex ecosystem that requires advance technology to keep it running smoothly. Colour displays for air traffic control applications provide accurate real-time information throughout the ATM system.

Twenty years of experience in LCD market allows Winmate to bring the latest high resolution solution for air traffic control.

Winmate displays with UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) native resolution are designed for optimum reading quality, reliability and user comfort and even exceed the specifications imposed by the ATC community. They offer breakthrough LCD technology and the best optical performance (brightness, contrast and colour behavior) for multi-display applications.

Asset monitoring and tracking

In the airport environment every asset is recorded and tagged so airport maintenance teams can easily track all types of tangible assets and consumables across an airport or airline enterprise, from the station to the bag room to airport/airline personnel.

Use of rugged and mobile handhelds equipped with barcode scanners allows airports to manage resources more effectively, achieve safety and ensure the longevity of airside assets.

Streamline data collection and operations with Winmate’s full range of rugged mobile devices featuring compact size, bright 4.3in to 7in touchscreen and necessary features for asset tracking such as barcode scanner, RFID or NFC reader, smart card reader and even fingerprint scanner.

Airport public safety

The airport public safety division is responsible for managing an effective airport security programme that ensures a safe and secure environment. Officers equipped with the latest mobile technologies perform tasks faster and more productively.

Winmate’s 8in tablet computer with fingerprint scanner, smart card or barcode reader is designed for identification purposes in public safety applications.

The ease of use and high efficacy of these biometric technologies help to enhance airport security.

Robust in-vehicle technology

The airport ecosystem incorporates different types of vehicles, from ground handling equipment, container loaders and catering vehicles to aircraft rescue and firefighter trucks, modern airports requires up-to-date, in-vehicle communications technology.

Winmate’s full line of rugged vehicle-mounted computers, designed to fit seamlessly into vehicles, will help minimise errors, streamline ordering and inventory management, and improve operational efficiencies.

Winmate G-WIN GS65 series computer and display complies with MIL-STD 810 & IEC 60068-2-27 for shock and vibration testing.

Access control systems

Access control systems control employee access throughout the airport and help keep the public out of areas where they do not belong.

Winmate provides an HMI panel PC for restricting access to certain areas to authorised personnel for applications like electronic ID and badge systems, including identification such as RFID and NFC reading. Essentially, allowing employees only the information or access they need − when they need it.

Baggage handling and packaging equipment

Stainless display and panel computers widely used for baggage handling and packaging equipment in the airport. Automated luggage wrapping and weighting machines enhance user-experience, while automated baggage handling systems significantly speed up the check-in process.

The Winmate rugged, industrial-grade panel PC and display in a stainless housing fit in to the airport environment and are built to withstand challenging environments.

All of the models in the series are sealed to at least IP65 standards and some are sealed to IP67.

Digital signage

Display and digital signage solutions perform as airport displays and are used in a check-in area, gate and baggage claim to broadcast important information such as flight information, timetable, weather forecast and advertisement for passengers.

About Winmate

Winmate has long-term partners throughout North and South America, and Europe, in order to provide customer service and continual growth. By working closely with system integrators and solution providers in airport automation, Winmate offers most the recent solutions for your application.

The company’s headquarters, research and development (R&D) facility and two production lines are located in Taipei, Taiwan.

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