Valmet is a leading global developer and supplier of technologies, automation and services for many industries.

In the marine segment Valmet is a supplier of integrated automation system solutions and scrubbers for cleaning of exhaust gas.

The company has more than 30 years of experience as marine automation system supplier while marine scrubbers is an emerging business area.

Automation for a wide range of ships

The Valmet DNA automation system is modular, flexible and scalable for wide range of ship types and application tasks. The system offers cost efficient solutions for all kind of I/O numbers, from the few hundred needed for small and less complex ships up to the 30-35,000 for the largest cruise ships.

Exhaust gas scrubbers for sustainable ship operation

Valmet has developed a patented dual water hybrid scrubber for sustainable ship operation. The development has a strong technical background from deliveries to land-based power industries over several years. The hybrid scrubber is a combination of open and closed loop scrubber where airborne emissions can be kept within IMO and EU regulatory limits in a cost efficient way. Valmet’s scrubbers have been delivered to container, general cargo and cruise vessels.

Full integration and versatile tools

With Valmet DNA fully integrated control, alarm and monitoring solutions for machinery, electric power production, cargo, air-condition plants etc. are available. Valmet DNA offers the users comprehensive and versatile tools for analyzing the historical performance and status of the integrated systems. A "time machine" function enables the operator to replay history data directly in the process mimics. This unique tool supports the understanding of disturbance situations and complex machinery functionalities.

The best reliability and availability

System availability has always had high priority in the development of Valmet’s automation platforms. You will find redundancy solutions on all levels from I/O, process controllers and network communication all the way up to the user interface.
The combination of redundancy and use of high-grade industrial components results in a very high system availability. Valmet is using the same type of automation system hardware both in the land-based and marine industries.

Saving fuel and providing sustainability

Valmet DNA Energy Management System enables the crew to monitor and optimise the energy efficiency for all major energy consumers within the machinery and hotel technical systems. The system visualizes and reports the real time energy consumptions and deviations from key point performance indicators. It is a tool that helps to reduce fuel costs and improve sustainability.

Analyses the mechanical condition of rotating machinery

Valmet DNA Machine Monitoring measures and analyses the mechanical condition of rotating machinery based on vibration and other machine parameters. The integrated online system provides the fastest way to react on a problem and secure safe sailing, protect assets and increase working environment safety.

First with hybrid scrubber operation

The basic type types of exhaust gas scrubbers include the open loop scrubber that uses seawater as washwater, and the closed loop scrubber that circulates the washwater, with alkali added to the process to capture sulfur. A hybrid scrubber can switch between open or closed loop operation modes. Valmet was the first company to introduce the hybrid solution to the market.

Dual water hybrid scrubbers

Valmet has delivered dual water hybrid scrubbers that combine the versatility and benefits of both modes running them simultaneously in different stages. This is particularly cost efficient in brackish water and when the vessel should be able to sail anywhere without oversizing the scrubber system.

Close to our customers

Valmet is a global company, listed on the Helsinki stock exchange, employing about 12,000 professionals. There are 130 sales and service offices, technology centers and production units in 33 countries around the world, close to our customers. Valmet has engineering resources with broad competence within ship automation and exhaust gas scrubber technologies ready to solve your needs.

Valmet AS in Norway is handling and coordinating Valmet’s marine automation business line. The scrubber business line is handled by Valmet Technologies Oy in Finland. If you have an enquiry, you can send us this via the form below.