CEDD AGL solves airfield’s challenges

Almost every big airport has the same challenges; worldwide the number of flights will increase tremendously in the upcoming years, but there is no space to expand the airport capacity. Airports are searching for ways to handle more flights with their existing capacity. Innovations are playing a big role in these challenges.

CEDD stands for Contactless Energy & Data Distribution. This network is ideal to use for AGL solutions. From our base stations, energy and data are sent through a special CEDD cable to the AGL; the light fixture can return data. This all happens 10 times faster than with conventional AGL. The ATC can easily see if all lights are working. If there is any problem with a light, maintenance will receive a warning. Through the same connection, each separate light can return information about i.e. the temperature, voltage and burning hours. This makes it much easier for maintenance departments to plan.

Follow the Greens with CEDD

Follow the Greens (FTG) is an innovative and performance-enhancing guidance method for aircraft movements on airport taxiways. FTG speeds up the taxiing procedure of aircraft to and from the runway with more than 14%.

CEDD makes it easy to control each light separately. That is why CEDD is the solution for individual lamp Guided Ground Lighting. Each segment of used taxiway is simply switched on, while areas that are not needed are switched off.

CEDD for future-proof airfields

Follow the Greens is one way in which we make your airport future proof. As mentioned before, it is easy to install sensors of our CEDD network. This makes it much more than an AGL solution. Shortly, with our network you can detect strange objects on the runway, measure vibrations and control the status of an aircraft.

CEDD, perfect for stop bars, taxiway junctions, de-icing and apron guiding

All over the world, our CEDD network is tested and implemented. We have big successes in solutions for stop bars, taxiway junctions, de-icing platforms and apron guiding.

About TKH Airport Solutions

TKH Airport Solutions is the developer of Contactless Energy Data Distribution: CEDD. We are a reliable partner with more than 50 years of experience in AGL. Therefore, we know how important efficiency and safety is. With our CEDD-AGL solution, we seamlessly integrate the needs of airports with new airfield network technology.