Taoyuan International Airport(TIA)is one of the most convenient hubs in East Asia. Centered in the region of world economic rising area, TIA has become a good choice for intercontinental travelers in transit. Being the driving force in the Taoyuan Aerotropolis project, TIA has begun a bold initiative to revitalize its regional prominence, becoming a catalyst for Taiwan's continued commercial competitiveness and economic development.

Location is one of the keys to the success and has established the opportunity for Taoyuan International Airport to develop into an Asian hub. The airport lies at a central point in the Pacific Rim economy, with an average flying time of just two hours and 55 minutes to the five largest airports in Asia- shorter than any other major airport. It also benefits from Taiwan's substantial economic strength, and its status as a major hub is consolidated by merit of the island's position as a gathering point for trade.

Founded in 1979, the airport was known as Chiang Kai-shek International Airport until the name was changed in 2006 to its current name. TIA currently has two terminals that can serve the needs of 32 million travelers each year.

Meanwhile, a whole new look of Terminal 1 has been brought to passengers after renovation is completed by the mid of 2013. To serve the anticipated growth in international passengers, a third terminal will also be constructed to handle 43 million passengers annually in the near future. Adjacent to Terminal 3, a major multiple function building (MFB) will house check-in counter space, parking, transportation center, offices, shopping, restaurants and leisure activities in order to satisfy all needs of business travelers and tourists.

Outstanding feedback has been also received on the enhancements being undertaken. In accordance with annual ACI's ASQ passenger satisfaction survey, TIA has been named the world's third best airport in the passenger category between 15 and 25 million in 2012. With this praise and trust from passengers around the world, TIA's next move is to continue improving facilities in and around the airport. In the future, focus will be increasingly devoted to development of the Terminal 3 area. The overall investment and planning of aviation and non-aviation construction associated with the Aerotropolis is expected to create economic benefits valued at 1,700 billion NTD, generate 180,000 jobs. And most of all, it will usher in an entirely new era at TIA.

Taoyuan International Airport Corporation was established in November 2010. Its corporate structure set a new standard for how airports are run in Taiwan. With an operation model that focuses on service and efficiency, the corporation is working to achieve Taiwan's goal of constructing a comprehensive metropolitan zone centered on an airport.