Speedshield Technologies P/L is an Australia-based company engaged in the development and sale of technology products for the global industrial and automotive markets. Including its subsidiary businesses, Speedshield China, Speedshield UK and Speedshield Inc (US), the Speedshield Group employs a workforce covering engineering, information technology, software development, energy, manufacturing and sales disciplines.

Speedshield offers next-generation technologies in asset tracking, maintenance planning and operator welfare, as well as a full end-to-end supply chain of technology design, manufacturing, distribution and support.

Combined with our expertise in telemetry and telematics, our products deliver and connect customers through a unique dedicated portal that ensures asset control on a global basis. Speedshield is at the forefront of innovation and technology, making us the preferred technology partner of choice.

Speedshield provides "safety through innovation"

Speedshield is best known for its work in: industrial speed control and safety; telemetry-based fleet management systems and automotive road safety technology. Within the materials handling industry, Speedshield technology is globally marketed as an equipment asset management system, safety system and environmental solution. Speedshield invests heavily in Australian R&D with active participation with Australian universities as a technology-based industry partner.

Various achievements include:

  • 2004 – WorkSafe Best Risk Solution
  • 2007 – Melbourne Business Awards – Innovation Award
  • 2011 – Briggs Equipment wins UK Warehousing Association Award for its Speedshield technology 2011 – Young Manufacturer of the Year Award
  • 2012 – Australian Industrial Product of the Year Award (Finalist)
  • 2012 – Global Integration of the Year Award (Finalist)
  • 2012 – Young Manufacturer of the Year Award
  • 2013 – Small Business Awards (Semi-finalist).


Speedshield Technologies was founded in 1994 under the Adaptalift Group and was originally based in Warrnambool in Victoria, Australia, as Automation Control Systems. Speedshield has grown from a niche engineering company to a leader in the automotive safety system industry.

Speedshield started by providing speed-limiting products for materials-handling equipment and automotive intelligent speed adaptation (ISA). Their current focus is on fleet management, integrated safety systems, industrial battery charging and energy management.

Speedshield now supplies the mobile equipment industry with true cost-effective fleet management and safety solutions, and is a leader in ISA. The company’s product offering is targeted towards original equipment manufacturers to various industries and aftermarket applications including aviation, automotive, industrial, mining and mobile fleet equipment.

Customers include BlueScope Steel, Woolworths, Amcor, GMH and Alcan. With locations in Australia, the US, the UK and China, Speedshield is a truly global company.