Over the last 30 years, Sennheiser has helped ensure clear communication in the cockpit and air traffic control (ATC). Innovations such as the NoiseGard active noise compensation technology and the new ActiveGard peak protection system have secured a sustainable global market demand for the company’s high-quality aviation and ATC headsets.

Sennheiser’s latest generation of headsets has been optimised to meet the needs of ATC operators worldwide. They feature exceptional acoustic and speech intelligibility performance, supreme wearing comfort and USB push-to-talk for digital simulator and voice switch systems. Sennheiser’s modular ATC headset/PTT portfolio offers greater flexibility to meet the product demands and delivery requirements of ATC customers.

Safety and reliability are primary requirements of all aspects of ATC and are fully satisfied by Sennheiser headsets. These innovative products feature an active electronic system that protects the user from disruptive or harmful acoustic signals for unimpaired maximum communication and physical wellness. These lightweight headsets offer a comfortable fit, even after long hours of operation. The innovative ActiveGard circuit protects ears from stressful noise peaks to provide the best audio experience, so ATCs can concentrate on their tasks in safety, security and comfort. Sudden, loud disruptive signals can occur at any point in voice radio traffic.

Not only can they disturb communication in decisive moments, they also pose physical dangers to the operator’s hearing. ActiveGard technology solves this problem by automatically attenuating any noise peaks once they transcend the sensitive mark of 105dB before they reach the ear and affect the operator. Unexpected noise peaks can lead to irreversible consequences, from headaches and tinnitus to acoustic shocks or even total hearing loss. For that reason, EU directives regarding workplace security prescribe that employees be protected from acoustic stress. ActiveGard delivers superior acoustic protection, surpassing conventional headset audio clipping solutions.