San Antonio is a bustling metropolis that is home to more than 2.5 million people who have access to endless opportunities and excitement. Not only is San Antonio a monument to the lessons of the past – it is home to the San Antonio World Heritage Missions, the only World Heritage site in Texas – but it is also a testament to the advancements of the future, leading the nation in the bioscience, military, cybersecurity, new energy and manufacturing sectors. As this beautiful city grows, so too does San Antonio International Airport (SAT), enabling the aviation hub to better serve not only the city, but also the vibrant and diverse people who make the city worth visiting.

More passengers, more facilities

2018 was a period of exceptional growth for SAT with more than 22 consecutive months of record passenger growth. To enhance the customer experience of its passengers, SAT opened the highly anticipated short-term parking garage and consolidated car rental facility (CONRAC). The CONRAC provides travellers with the closest and most convenient parking to both terminals, electric car charging stations, and covered and lighted pathways from the garage to the terminals.

The parking programme also now includes a 15-minute ‘park for free’ option for customers who want to breeze through the garage to pick up passengers. For frequent customers, SAT now has two guaranteed parking programme options, with a guaranteed parking area in the new short-term garage and another lower-cost option in the existing guaranteed parking. As such, multiple parking options are available to suit the varying needs of the airport’s customers.

SAT now has two ‘Guaranteed Parking Program’ options, with a guaranteed parking area in the new short-term garage and another lower-cost option.

Non-stop services

However, perhaps the greatest recent improvement to SAT has been the significant increase in non-stop air service. Numerous carriers have made significant investments in San Antonio. Air Canada added non-stop service to their global hub in Toronto, providing connections to Europe, Asia and beyond. Frontier entered the market in May of 2016 with four destinations. Since then, it has made San Antonio a focus city, increasing the number of destinations to 25 by August 2018.

In September of 2017, ultra-low-cost carrier Volaris began a non-stop daily service to Mexico City joining two other carriers, Aeromexico and Interjet, on the route. With this new service, SAT now offers eight peak-day departures and over 1,300 peak-day seats to Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey and Cancún.

In February of 2018, American Airlines began a new non-stop daily service to Philadelphia, providing expanded capacity to the East Coast from SAT, as well as access to a primary transatlantic gateway and the City of Brotherly Love.

At the heart of a city that leads the nation in technological advancement, SAT is inspired to honour San Antonio through constant innovation and improvement. Come to San Antonio for the beauty, culture and people, but stay for the vast array of opportunities that await you at the premier destination of South-Central Texas.