Samsung Electronics supplies the air transport industry with professional digital display solutions capable of use in all aspects of an airport from passenger information displays such as FIDS, BIDS in 24/7 mission critical airport operational control centre (AOCC), as well as for media and advertising, dynamic wayfinding and smart signage.

Samsung has over 15 years of experience supplying to the air transport industry with some of the world’s busiest airports relying on some form of Samsung solutions to inform passengers, enhancing their experience through the airport and streamlining pax flow and operational efficiencies.

We take away the headache from selecting hardware, by consulting with you to understand what you are looking to achieve and what works in an airport setting. We can then even monitor and control them centrally to ensure optimal use. Samsung are able to deliver products and solutions in line with the need to invest in long term reliable 24/7 products, which are able to withstand conditions in all areas of an airport, from car parking, curb side, in terminal to ramp side solutions.

Samsung Electronics is a world leader in electronics manufacturing and global supply, ranking sixth most valued technology brand. Being the largest display, mobile and semiconductor manufacturer in the world, we pride ourselves on consistently re-investing profits into R&D (having one of the highest spends on R&D globally) to push the boundaries of technology today to innovate for the future to help airports, airlines and alliance partners in their business goals.

Professional digital display solutions, FIDS, BIDS, AOCC, media, advertising, dynamic wayfinding

Passenger information display systems

The right visual solutions strategy in the airport with the investment in the right technology, can really improve the operational efficiency of the airport ensuring that potentially stressed passengers are aware of the information they need at the right decision points in their journey.

Samsung provides smart FIDS, in the form of LCD displays, which can be used as a FIDS cluster, or a larger single canvas.
Designed to withstand a typical airport environment they can run 24/7, have high brightness levels to combat high ambient lighting levels in today’s modern airports, with anti glare to ensure a high passenger viewing experience. This coupled with efficient panels with minimal heat output, great colour and image rendition makes Samsung displays perfectly suited for use in an airport.

Where you can use Samsung solutions in your airport?

  • From Common Use terminals
  • In terminal info displays and vivid advertising displays
  • Outdoor information displays for passengers / ground and baggage handlers
  • 24/7 in an airport operational control room.

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Samsung has a mobile FIDS solution, which can be used at gates and other terminal areas, as well as in collaborative environments, encourageing ACDM pratices in AOCC and crisis management rooms, is the new Samsung Flip.

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Smart airport controller with remote management

Samsung airport displays have a build in FIDS controller, which is inline with the software and networking architectural trends of today. Capable of running HTML 5 and native applications at up to UHD resolution ensures that FIDS and media can run hand in hand on the same hardware. Samsung ensure technical synergy with key FIDs global software players on the market.

We put a high investment in security when deploying displays and FIDS controllers onto your network with the Knox end to end security platform implemented in all displays. Knox can:
1. Protect vital applications and data through a reinforced, three-layer security system
2. Prevent unauthorized application and program access during boot-up and within the kernel
3. Customize security protocols and authorized access for any business environment
4. Align Knox with individual displays and devices through integrated Signage Device Management technology

Samsung provides the option to remotely monitor and manage all your display assets in your airport centrally. This can be powerful for asset tracking, remote diagnosis, proactive maintenance to maximise the life of your investment. Each display, once securely on the network, allows the displays to be turned on / off manually or on a scheduled basis during certain times of the day when there are no flights. This results in less carbon emissions and more savings in energy and cost.

Samsung enhances the experience of your passengers to help maximise on non-aeronautical revenue

Samsung understands the needs of an ever evolving smart airport environment. As the number of passengers increase, and the number of airports competing to be the best, keeping passengers happy, wanting them to spend more time, and importantly more money at your airport is vital.

Enhancing the pax experience by ensuring they have a seamless journey through the most stressful touch points in the airport (namely check in and security areas), can result in a more relaxed passenger, who is then more willing to roam around the retail, lounge, F&B areas.

Samsung can provide smart IoT tools, to ensure streamlined queue management and help understand passenger flow with heat mapping solutions to optimise the journey.

Having the right sensors and technology in place to facilitate this anonymous passenger tracking is vital to understand the dynamics of the journey and where improvements can be made.

Understanding your passengers and their behaviour can help personalise their experience, which leads to higher chances of maximising on sales in retail, duty free and F&B areas.

Understanding the ethic and culture of the audience can help with targeted adverts and languages can help captivate their attention.

Understand the gender and age can also assist in ensuring the right messages are placed in front of the right people. Understanding where the passenger is flying to, and being able to leverage this knowledge with more information about the destination or providing discounts to items they may need at the destination.

To ensure that airports can leverage this captive audience is met with smart displays constantly aware of its surrounds and able to adapt and personalise

LED for AOCC & large visual digital estate in terminal

Samsung LED technology come in modules of varying resolutions and can be made up to any shape and size as dictated by the use, whether it’s a high resolution display for 24/7 use in a control centre, or in terminal use for FIDS, Media and wayfinding to allow passengers to view the technology from much further away, allowing them to relax in your F&Bs areas whilst seeing the information.

Samsung LED solutions work well with the building architecture, not looking out of place, as there are no bezels and made to integrate into the fabric of the building itself. LED is a great tool to really create a "wow" factor at your airport that passengers will remember. Often LED can rid of pinch points at the airport ensuring passengers can continue to move around your terminal whilst seeing the information.

Samsung LED solutions come pre-configured for optimal visuals, supporting localised HDR to enhance the picture quality and provide optimum consistency in details across the brightness spectrum. Samsung offer a 24/7 network operation centre for remote monitoring and managed service packages also to ensure the investment is optimised throughout its long life.

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