We are Point FWD, a Schiphol-based, specialised aviation security consultancy company. Since the start in 2011 we have been assisting our partners with security equipment development, process optimisation and technology implementation projects. Our belief is that data-driven decision making should be preferred over gut-feeling decisions. Our main context of business is the security checkpoint environment and its developing technology at midsize to large airports around the world.

Point FWD has the mission to provide leading Aviation Security Consultancy, bringing security checkpoint environments to the next optimal state of performance. Our future is a world in where AvSec checkpoint stakeholders have 100% insight in their security operations, being able to adequately, promptly and coherently react to regulatory changes, strategy redirections or deployment expansions.

In order to prepare for impactful equipment implementations, such as EDS CB, CT equipment or ATRS security lanes today, Point FWD brings focus on drastically increasing the accessibility for their clients to gain valuable process insights. Checkpoint specific process insights that are essential when initiating, responding to – and the monitoring of – change within their checkpoint environments.

The core values we deliver

  • Confidence in security checkpoint redesign and fit-for-purpose decision making.
  • Tailored security solutions that match the process and specific airport vision and strategy.
  • Decrease of security costs, queuing area and queuing times.
  • Optimized resourcing plans, security lane usage and efficiency and spacing benefits.
  • Continuously optimised security performance.

Proposition 1: Security checkpoint implementation guidance

Guiding our clients on their way to security equipment implementation success. We do this by strongly tying security technology implementation to local process insights and holistic process (data) modelling. At every client location, our main challenge is to reach optimal balance between the various components of configuration, CONOPs and man-machine interaction, within the available checkpoint spacing. Security equipment cover ATRS, EDS CB, X-ray and CT scanners, integrated security lanes, screening software, passenger screening equipment.

Proposition 2: Security equipment development

Moving forward or improving often requires innovation. The innovation can be small and virtually unnoticeable or major and headline news. Through our expertise and in-depth knowledge of the systems we are capable of providing guidance to manufacturers and organizations in various roles.

  • Operational testing of equipment and processes
  • Functional testing
  • Going for ECAC approval guidance
  • Security concept development
  • Cross industry technology into aviation security
  • Assist manufacturers in development of equipment.

Proposition 3: Process and checkpoint (re)design

Our extensive knowledge and experience in the operation of many aviation security processes enables us to leverage this expertise in consulting for functional (re)designs of, for example, passenger security checkpoints. Challenging the defined requirements. This design approach is outcome based and is continuously challenged against the predefined functional requirements. This enables us to deliver high-value design consultancy to the client.

Our approach

Point FWD brings focus on guiding airport-, technology supplier and security companies throughout the full implementation cycle of security equipment. This starts with a comprehensive technology, context and strategy understanding and will have an ongoing ending phase by monitoring for successful equipment deployment. Below way-finder acts as the guiding principle for our support with regards to technology implementation. It furthermore structures an ideal approach to follow when in planning for implementation.