Henry Ford once said, "When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it."

The air industry certainly faces different challenges today; however, the fact is that they are still obstacles that should be turned into opportunities in the industry.

Bogotá, the diverse and multicultural capital city of Colombia, is home to more than ten million people and has become an attractive tourist spot for thousands of national and international travellers, who see the city as a destination for business, culture, adventure, history, religion and gastronomy.

Global reach

Located in Bogotá, and featuring a robust network of more than 70 national and international destinations, El Dorado serves the entire country and is the most important airport in Colombia.

It handles over 31 million passengers a year and gives airlines access to a market of more than 282 million people thanks to its strong connectivity within the region. Already, 26 international airlines from all three world alliances have taken advantage of the great opportunities Bogotá has to offer.

El Dorado handles over 31 million passengers a year and gives airlines access to a market of more than 282 million people.

El Dorado, one of Odinsa’s concessions, has been recognised for three consecutive years as the ‘Best Airport in South America’ and holds an excellent four-star rating, according to Skytrax. It is also the number one cargo terminal in Latin America – processing more than 80% of Colombia’s total air cargo – and ranks third in terms of passenger movement in the region, handling 70% of Colombia’s passengers.

Best position

This has positioned the airport as a fundamental part of the campaign to strengthen the country’s competitiveness and productivity. Additionally, its outstanding infrastructure and the expertise of its personnel have allowed a great variety of aircrafts to operate in it. Having a highly competitive maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) centre, as well as the only engine-testing facility in Latin America, makes it a key destination where airlines can perform MRO operations for their aircraft whenever they need to.

The expansion and modernisation of El Dorado International Airport is a logical response to Colombia’s growing economy, which is in constant development. The growth plans are framed within a compliance framework committed to service quality, social responsibility principles, environmental protection, well-being, and safety for users and employees alike.

World-class lounges

El Dorado Airport has dedicated around 7,000m2 to passengers looking for privacy, comfort and exclusivity. Four luxury VIP lounges with a human team committed to giving the passengers the highest quality of service, make waiting time an opportunity to relax and connect for families and business passengers alike. The main goal is to provide passengers with the highest level of service in South America.

Vital stats

El Dorado can lay claim to the following achievements:

  • fourth fastest-growing country for air passengers (2016-40)
  • 9.43% CAGR (2007-17)
  • Skytrax ‘Best Airport South America’ (2016-18).

A greener side

El Dorado’s environmental initiatives are intended to demonstrate to its customers and allies its commitment to decreasing the company’s environmental impacts.

These strategies integrate innovation and regulatory compliance to generate a balance between environmental, social and financial aspects.

The following are the four sustainability pillars El Dorado works under: water, soil, climate change, and health and safety.