NDS launched its first FIDS solution in 1994, at the start of the digital signage revolution. Today, the software guides passengers with real-time flight information and wayfinding in 80+ airports. We’ve come a long way from “just” FIDS, with high-end digital signage solutions, but FIDS remains our core product. With one solution to help you make the most of every display on your network, smart airport signage has never been easier. We’re here to help you guide passengers – from curb to gate – with one simple platform solution.

PADS4 FIDS – A complete airport digital signage solution

PADS4 FIDS is a powerful all-in-one digital signage platform. At your airport, digital signage adds value with targeted display communication, digital advertising, wayfinding, and much more. Managing the flow of passengers throughout an airport more effectively not only makes for a better passenger experience, it can help improve the profitability of airlines as well as the businesses operating in that airport.

Transform your data sources into smart and versatile signage. PADS4 FIDS integrates with many different AODB sources like CGI – Go, Siemens, ADECS, Airport 2020, SITA, AviaVox, and many more. It is also interactive and touch compatible, and includes design and network management tools. With smart solutions for system-on-chip support, context-driven data sharing, and control over presentations with viewer variables, it is everything you need to create dynamic digital displays.