NAVYA is a company specialising in the development and conception of 100% autonomous, driverless and electric transport solutions for the first and last mile. NAVYA is a world leader in smart mobility and has been providing its self-driving AUTONOM SHUTTLE since September 2015. NAVYA has a worldwide presence, with more than 200 people hired, and a €30 million capital increase in October 2016.

Improve airport performance and passenger experience

Airports welcome millions of travellers every day. More than ever, these places of transit must manage a variety of flows, both to facilitate work for airport staff and to provide the best guidance possible to passengers. Everyone must experience effective and smooth mobility.

NAVYA’s autonomous, electric and driverless mobility solutions improve airport performance. They provide a number of advantages, including increasing service availability and route frequency, improving passenger comfort and reducing their stress, and enhancing safety.

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AUTONOM SHUTTLE is the self-driving shuttle at the cutting edge of driverless technologies dedicated to first and last mile transportation. AUTONOM SHUTTLES are 100% autonomous, driverless, electric and available. AUTONOM SHUTTLE can carry up to 15 passengers – 11 seating and four standing – for an operating speed of 25km/h with an average autonomy of nine hours.

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With AUTONOM SHUTTLES in an airport

NAVYA provides airports with the autonomous and electric AUTONOM SHUTTLES to participate in improving airport performance and passenger experience.


  • Increase airport performance by improving mobility
  • Enhance passenger experience by providing a seamless and efficient transportation service
  • Improve airport staff conditions.

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