NAV Portugal is the Portuguese air navigation services provider to both Portuguese flight information regions (FIRs): Lisboa and Santa Maria.

NAV Portugal’s mission is to plan, guide and control the air traffic in accordance to international and national regulations, applying the highest standards of safety, optimising capacities and enhancing efficiency, always taking in account environmental concerns.

NAV Portugal has air traffic control centres in Lisbon and Santa Maria. Their ground-air communications and radar stations, and radio-aids support navigation, provide aerodrome and approach control services in ten ATC airport towers.

The two Portuguese FIRs, Lisbon and Santa Maria, cover the airspace above the Portuguese mainland, the islands of Madeira and the Azores archipelagos, as well as a vast area in the North Atlantic Ocean, from 15° west to 40° west, descending approximately to the latitude of the Cape Verde archipelago.

NAV Portugal integrates the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO) and represents Portugal in international organisations such as the ICAO and EUROCONTROL.

Approach and aerodrome control

NAV Portugal provides approach and aerodrome control services in ten Portuguese airports, both on the mainland and in the islands, congregating and distributing all the aeronautical information and documentation, airspace structure, airport characteristics and available means, routes and procedures, installed systems, maps and aeronautical charts, among others.

Air traffic management systems

Lisbon FIR ACC provides air traffic services through the Lisbon Air Traffic Management System (LISATM), developed in its entirety by NAV Portugal.

The Oceanic Control Centre in Santa Maria uses an Atlantic Control System and a Terminal Control System (ATLATM), also developed by NAV Portugal, allowing modern air traffic control management in oceanic and terminal regions.

Operations rooms for air navigation

Since its establishment in 1999, NAV Portugal has also developed the new ACC Operations Room in Lisbon, which has been running since December 2007. This great-spread project provides NAV Portugal with the most modern technologies and infrastructure.

Air navigation services

NAV Portugal was designated as the Portuguese Air Navigation Service provider (ATC, AIS and CNS) by the Minister of Public Works, Transport and Communications, followed a lengthy and rigorous process of certification by the Portuguese National Supervisory Authority.

All NAV Portugal’s activity is enclosed by the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard which represents the first step towards excellence.