Could you talk a bit about NanoLumens as a company?

Joe’ Lloyd: Headquartered in Atlanta, NanoLumens partners with clients to create dynamic LED visualisations. Built by the fastest-growing visualisation company in the US, our LED displays exceed the imaginations of global clients in retail, transportation, corporate, gaming, higher education, sports and arenas, and houses of worship.

Through our world-class proprietary technology, our displays are ultra-thin and lightweight, energy-efficient and available in nearly any size, shape or curvature. NanoLumens solutions are proudly designed and assembled in the US and come backed by an industryleading six-year warranty.

Through our world-class proprietary technology, our displays are ultra-thin and lightweight, energyefficient and available in nearly any size, shape or curvature.

Why is having good lighting so important at transport hubs like airports?

Good lighting solutions are vitally important to airports’ atmosphere. Airports are consistently crowded with large groups of people in need of immediate access to relevant information. People feel safer when spaces are well lit and they are comforted when they can easily find the information they need. Comfortable consumers tend to spend more, making attractive lighting a financial no-brainer. Because airports are already well lit, display signage needs to be even brighter to stand out.

Fortunately, our LED display solutions are among the brightest on the market and have the clarity, flexibility and off-axis viewability to communicate information to audiences at almost any distance and at any viewing angle. This keeps passengers moving efficiently and the airport running smoothly.

What kind of LED displays do you offer?

We manufacture displays in nearly any size, shape or curvature, for installations indoors and out. Our pixel pitches range from the narrow 0.9mm to the robust 10mm and our displays are fully customisable. Our display solutions can be found in countless airports across the globe, as well as in stadiums, corporate headquarters, flagship retail locations and universities. Our remarkably versatile LED displays are designed to inject a ‘wow’ factor into the local environment, and our engineers are committed to giving end-users, designers, architects, and integrators the freedom to dream bigger than ever before.

How do these set-ups help passengers and airport staff?

The purpose of an airport is to get passengers from A to B, but doing so requires quite a bit of legwork on behalf of travellers. They have to get themselves from the curb to the gate, so the onus falls on airport staff to provide them with the information they need.

Easily accessible information makes the lives of passengers easier, which in turn helps staff. Anyone who has travelled by aircraft knows that airports can be frustrating and the job of airport staff is to minimise that frustration. LED displays help them do that.

In general, why should customers choose NanoLumens over your competition in the market?

We have installed groundbreaking state-of-the-art display features in airports across the globe, including the single largest airport digital display in the world, at Singapore’s Changi Airport. Our displays are completely customisable, and can be integrated into any indoor or outdoor space without compromising the existing architecture. This level of versatility is something our competitors cannot match, a main reason why Changi Airport chose NanoLumens over the myriad manufacturers headquartered in South East Asia.

What are your plans going forward?

We at NanoLumens are constantly striving to improve our technology. We have recently debuted new display technology with our narrowest pixel pitch ever, at 0.9mm. This technology will only enhance the quality and clarity of our indoor displays, equipping them to better deliver bright and brilliant content to airport visitors around the world.