Minit Charger has been the leading provider of fast-charging technology for the airline industry for over 15 years. Through its comprehensive line of chargers and battery management solutions, Minit Charger makes investing in eGSE affordable for airports, promoting greener more efficient airport operations.

Minit Charger’s eGSE fast charger, ALTUS II, was designed with airlines in mind through its rugged design, dual port charging system and small frame. In addition, when you choose Minit Charger as your fast-charging provider, you gain instant access to Minit Charger’s battery management solution, CellTrac, that collects vital information to help protect the batteries that operate your electric fleet.

A Charger To Set The Innovation Standard – ALTUS II

Being a company founded in innovation, Minit Charger was proud to recently announce its most compact yet high-efficiency charger available in the eGSE industry today, ALTUS II. Leveraging WBG technology and featuring cloud connectivity to our business intelligence platform, AssetPro 360, ALTUS II is equipped with a multitude of functions to make airlines and airports more green and efficient.

ALTUS II, combined with our cloud application, AssetPro 360, provides up-to-the-minute information on the charging process, GSE, and their physical locations. Any exception and issue can be sent to desired personnel via SMS or email so prompt actions can be taken.

Doesn’t Stop At The Charger – Introducing Total Asset Management

Minit Charger’s impact goes beyond eGSE charging. By investing in eGSE charging with Minit Charger, you have the ability to manage and monitor the assets you charge like GSE, baggage handling systems (carousels), aerial work platforms (AWP), vehicles, generators, compressors – virtually any tangible asset, mobile or stationary – through AssetPro 360.

Minit Charger’s asset management solutions allow you to monitor all of your assets through one portal, regardless of brand, make, or model. Inefficient and incorrect maintenance schedules can be a thing of the past, as Minit Charger offers automated maintenance scheduling based on actual usage instead of arbitrary calendar scheduling. Locating any asset at any time and place from any location eliminates all unnecessary legwork. Support your other enterprise systems such as your ERP and CMMS by sharing asset data through our seamless API integration.

With Minit Charger, all operational processes are simplified, streamlined, and optimised.

Safety-First Solutions

With the ground support industry spending approximately $10 billion each year in accident-related costs, Minit Charger seeks to provide solutions that help fleet managers become more compliant, vigilant, and responsive. Minit Charger’s telematics devices are equipped with features that support OSHA mandated requirements, detect asset abuse, and report accidents immediately upon impact.

Simply knowing how your operation and assets are handled day-to-day can be the missing step to increasing accountability across your eGSE workforce.

Your Partner In Innovation

Minit Charger introduced fast-charging technology to the motive power industry over 15 years ago, and most said it would not work. Today, over 70% of off-road electric vehicles use fast/opportunity charging, and virtually every charger company has followed suit.

Today, some of the world’s largest airports rely on Minit Charger’s charging solutions. As an innovative partner, Minit Charger always goes the extra mile to help customers leverage their investment to make them efficient, lean, and safe.

Minit Charger’s history and proven track record should give you confidence in our expertise and state-of-the-art technology. Whether you manage an airport, an airline or a third party GSE handing operation, Minit Charger is your partner in achieving a greener, leaner and safer eGSE operation.

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