As a leading player in the aviation industry, Materna ips has successfully been providing hardware and software solutions to airports, airlines and ground handling companies for over 30 years.

Customers directly benefit from our long-term experience, since we offer field-proven, reliable, secure and elegantly designed cost-efficient solutions that simplify your passengers´ journey. Due to a combination of state-of-the-art hardware and software, we create a seamless user experience from curbside to boarding, from home to destination. For this purpose our one-stop-shop portfolio consists of specific check-in, baggage drop-off and access solutions combined with the latest payment and biometric services.

We proudly count a variety of national and international companies to our clients such as Lufthansa, easyJet, Emirates, DNATA, London Gatwick Airport, Eurowings, Hamburg Airport, Swedavia, Finavia, Oslo, Copenhagen, Toronto, Montreal, Bangalore, Athens and Vienna Airport.

Our worldwide footprint:
>70 Airports
>600 SBD Installations
>110.000 Daily Bag Drops
>250.000 Daily Check-Ins.

Products & services

Check in – simple, easy to use

Materna ips check-in solutions are incredibly fast and allow your passengers to manage kiosk check-ins in a pleasingly short time. Our products are based on our certified CUSS platform and are fully compliant with the relevant IATA standards. This guarantees minimal integration effort, the shortest possible project durations and maximum interconnectivity to any other CUSS-based systems that might be in use at your airport. Besides kiosk check-in, we also deliver web check-in as well as counter solutions based on CUPPS and CUTE.

Our products are also ready to handle payment and biometric functions, furthermore onsite maintenance can be provided optionally.

Baggage – Multiple options, one unique user experience

With our quick and easy-to-use self bag drop solutions, we deliver modular and customisable systems to airlines, airports and ground handlers. As a pioneer in self-service solutions, we continuously improve our products which provide both, 1-step and 2-step processes for self-service bag drop, payment integration and of course biometric data identification.

Retrofit solution

If you are looking to upgrade your existing infrastructure, have a look at our Drop.Go series, which is especially designed as a retrofit solution with its focus on easy integration. The Drop.Go units can be mounted on existing check-in counters and provide bag tag printing optionally.

Greenfield solution

However, considering a greenfield solution, we recommend our flagship Air.Go series, creating a unique and individual terminal design. All our greenfield solutions provide multiple functions for 1- or 2-step bag drop processes.

Regardless of which series you opt for, we guarantee a perfect fit and make you benefit from a process time reduction down to 10 seconds, leading to much shorter queuing times.

Our self bag drop solutions are CUSS- and IATA RP 1701 f-compliant and support multiple airline Departure Control Systems (DCS).

Access – best mix of security and convenience

Our access solutions offer a reliable, fast and convenient access to airport security areas for passengers and staff. We provide certified single or multi-line gates for the following:

When passengers access airside, our software checks their boarding passes and verifies the information by comparing it with the airport’s database.

To allow secure access to specific areas, such as lounges, our solution does not only validate boarding passes but also checks for corresponding flight times.

Our self-boarding gates interact with the airline-specific applications based on AEA criteria.