Aviation is our business

Lufthansa Consulting is an aviation and management consulting company, which is dedicated to assist international clients from the aviation sector and related industries to meet the challenges of the future successfully. Since 1988 the company has provided services and solutions to the air transportation industry in more than 3,000 projects worldwide and is an independent subsidiary of the Lufthansa Aviation Group (Deutsche Lufthansa AG).

Lufthansa Consulting is in the unique position of offering comprehensive consultancy and expertise to aviation specific client groups: air carriers, airport authorities, civil aviation authorities, governments, investors, financial institutions, manufacturers, other industries and service related entities.

Our clients benefit from customized business solutions designed by consultants with a global understanding of the industry and in-depth knowledge of factors which are critical for success. We know the aviation business and we take pride in implementing our solutions.

Airport Operations Efficiency Enhancement

We help you to improve the operational performance of your airport, find customer oriented solutions and overcome capacity challenges. Improved ground handling performance and passenger-centric operations satisfy customer demands for tailor-made services and amenities. To reach the maximum efficiency potential, a combined view incorporating both airport and airline expertise is essential. Our experts have expertise across the aviation industry and lead you towards operational excellence in this highly competitive and cost driven market environment.

Risk Management

Airport operations require a reliable risk management system, which successfully supports the corporate management decision-making processes. To identify risks and define mitigating measures our experts use modern approaches like Bowtie, which is especially suitable for daily operational risks of international airports. In workshops with your management and staff, we show you how to manage not only safety-related, but all nature of risks such as IT, financial and commercial risks.

Aeronautical and Non-Aeronautical Revenue Improvement

From regional airports through to international hubs, we offer air service development strategies to help you to attract new airlines and retain your current airline customers. We evaluate the most suitable aircraft to serve the identified routes and recommend the optimal frequencies helping your airport to establish a sustainable network and capacity that meets market demands. We also offer route performance simulation to support negotiations with your targeted airlines.

Revenues earned through non-aeronautical sources such as retail, parking and advertising play a decisive role in a modern airport’s economic success. A positive passenger experience means speeding up passenger flows and reducing queuing times at security leaving passengers with more time to shop and use the airport restaurant options. Our experts help your airport to establish areas, which will provide sustainable profits and maximise the commercial opportunities.

Cargo and Logistics

Maximum efficiency and performance coupled with seamless logistics processes are crucial competitive factors which directly affect your profit and sustainability. Our longstanding experience and our corporate background enable us to view the challenges of cargo facilities and airport logistics from different angles: the customer’s, the operator’s and the terminal developer’s.

Analysis, Forecasts and Strategy Definition

The overall corporate strategy of an airport relies on sound and accurate financial planning. We help you to define your immediate, medium and long-term targets and forecast your financial investment needs. We support your airport in adapting to market changes by evaluating and supporting you in selecting a sustainable market-oriented strategy. Our consultants are experienced in market potential analysis, route profitability analysis, air traffic forecasting and aviation trend analysis. We specialize in strategic planning and implementation.

Airport Planning

Our professionals forecast and plan the necessary airport infrastructure and security measures to meet increasing capacity demands. We support your airport with business planning and provide capital expenditure planning for your long-term airport master plan. We deliver feasibility studies, business plans and master planning and have experience ranging from greenfield airports to established international airports with growing capacity needs. We provide you with a thoroughly analysed, well-presented and transparent business plan, which is vital for gaining access to funding and to attract potential investors.

PPP, Transaction Preparation and Management

As part of a comprehensive range of airport PPP services, we prepare a market potential analysis and worldwide benchmarks to support the airport and define a clear strategy for growth, efficiency enhancement and investment.

We define an innovative business model for the aeronautical and non-aeronautical development of the airport taking into account the airport’s customer diversity. We manage the tender process, search for investors and support clients in contract negotiations. Our clients also benefit from post-privatisation support such as change management and post-merger integration.

Airport Interim Management

Our experts with extensive, in-depth experience in the aviation industry take over the role of interim executive to lead the company forward in the short-term. We participate actively in a business turnaround process by providing implementation assistance, management including shadow management and accompany your vital stakeholder communication. The interim manager guides the project through the crucial phases, assists the other members of the airport management and helps to choose a suitable permanent candidate.

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