LEOSPHERE is a world leader in atmospheric LIDAR.
The company offers new turnkey and user-friendly remote-sensing instruments allowing wind measurement , aerosol (ice, ash, dust, smoke) characterization and localization, and clouds height and atmospheric structure (boundary layer, aerosol layers).
LEOSPHERE has deployed over 300 LIDARs throughout the world in severe environments with the same concern of reliability, cost of operations’ reduction for clients, and dedication to atmospheric hazards control.
The company provides solutions for wind shear detection and unambiguous air traffic decision. The three main products that address airport weather hazards are:


a new generation of long range scanning wind Doppler LIDAR which gives an operational answer to the issues of wind hazard: this systems is able to detect gusts, wind shears, microburst, wake vortices up to 10 km range in real time, and interface with operational air traffic information systems.

The WINDCUBE 400S-AT scans in real time all zones of potential hazard within the airport air space and send automatic alerts to air traffic controllers through conventional METAR codes.

The R-MAN510

a Raman LIDAR Super Ceilometer, comes as an answer to volcanic ash threats at cruising altitudes.
Combining the full performances of the most sophisticated LIDARs (nitrogen Raman AND depolarization channels, accurate aerosol measurement not limited to the boundary layer) with the low maintenance requirements and low cost of cloud ceilometers, the R-MAN 510 is a world-premiere achievement: it is the only automatic, networkable, compact and eye-safe instrument on the market that can unambiguously classify aerosols. Without the need for scientific expertise, it provides ready-to-use information for aerosol characterization.
A warning advisory system using vertical aerosol profiling LIDAR networks can ensure safe flight at all levels.

Long Range Wind Doppler LIDARs:

  • WINDCUBE® 8/70/200 Vertical profilers for wind measurements from 500m up to 6 km: allows low-level jet detection and turbulence monitoring.
  • WINDCUBE® 100S/200S 3D Wind Doppler scanning LIDAR: provides wind measurements with relative backscatter feature from 3km to 6km.