What’s the story behind LASE PeCo Systemtechnik’s foundation?

Henry Florin: LASE PeCo was founded in 1990 as a subsidiary of LASE Industrielle Lasertechnik, and became independent in early 2008. We specialise in the use of lasermeasurement technologies for measuring visitor frequencies and path analyses as well as perimeter protection..

Not only does LASE PeCo have 25 years of experience in the use of laser technology, but we’ve also used it to provide solutions for ports; the mining industry; steel, waste, and nuclear facilities; banks; cities; and, of course, airports. What’s more, we have a global presence. LASE PeCo has a team of experienced engineers and technicians that provide targeted support for its customers, from the planning stage all the way to the operation of the measuring equipment, data evaluation, training and after-sales services.

Why should airport operators look to LASE PeCo for their surveillance solutions?

Frequencies are an important variable for the success of stores, shopping streets, pedestrian zones and shopping centres. It goes without saying that such metrics are equally valuable to duty-free outlets. When we choose our measurement methods, we put great importance on solutions that not only provide usable metrics for our users, but respect the privacy of those surveyed.

Additionally, we provide technology that enables the user to monitor open spaces and conduct open-space inspections. Our solutions offer a reliable weather-resistant monitoring system, even in darkness. Our laser-measurement systems are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, thanks to specially developed housings. The software also allows you detect several protection-field violations at the same time. This mix of experience and technology makes our surveillance system one of the most reliable solutions on the market.

How has your work in the events sector helped to inform your services for the airport industry?

Different industries have different demands, but there is a large amount of crossover between certain sectors. Our work in events was, and remains, the basis for our services for the airport industry in the sense that both use crowded areas and retain a high priority on guaranteeing the safety of those who pass through. And that is exactly our goal for each: to ensure safety with our collected live data in our web portal for all visitors.

Can you explain the capabilities of your 3D laserscanner technology?

LASE’s 3D laser-scanner technology is best used in outdoor applications, most obviously in weather-resistant monitoring. With the inclusion of a rotating motor, the scanner will cover every piece of the measurement area. Our 3D laser-based system can also be integrated into the barrier and trafficlight system in order to ensure that there are no obstacles in the way of passing planes and vehicles. When an object is identified, an alarm is sent to the tower operators immediately. The identified object is then displayed in the LASE software three-dimensionally.

Our solutions offer a reliable weather-resistant monitoring system, even in darkness.

How do you anticipate surveillance needs in airports changing over the next five years, and how do you see LASE PeCo evolving to meet those challenges?

Surveillance has always been a major issue, especially at airports. I think that, within the next five years, some technologies will become less popular thanks to the collective experience of airports within this time period.

In a time where the concept of safety is growing in importance, only the most reliable systems will rise to the top. Our USP is to offer our laser-based systems to the market, and thereby help airports to not only ensure the health of every individual who passes through its premises, but also to reduce costs by preventing damage. Our personal expectation is that we’ll continue to innovate in order to develop the most functional systems for the current and future requirements of the customers.