Kraków is an important academic, tourist and business centre. It is one of the largest cities in Poland, the historic centre of which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The capital of Małopolska, it has one of the largest percentages of foreign residents in Poland, and two million visitors from outside of Poland visit the city every year.

Kraków Airport contributes greatly to the economic development of Małopolska and Kraków. It is also actively involved in cultural, innovation and educational projects in the city and region – for which it has won awards – and it supports the development of the local community.

Investments at Kraków Airport

In 2016, Kraków Airport completed one of the largest investment plans in its history: a new terminal built in the shape of an inverted prism. The new build has three jetways (passenger-boarding bridges), a number of facilities for passengers and a new runway. Many investments were also made in the operational section of the airport, such as the renovation of taxiways and the extension of the apron. There is also a four-star hotel opposite the passenger terminal.

In 2017, a master plan was announced that set out the directions for the development of Kraków Airport for the next 20 years, and, by 2036, it is forecast to serve 12 million passengers a year.

Access to the airport

Nearly a quarter of passengers using Kraków Airport choose to travel to and/or from the airport via train. Travel from the airport to the city centre takes a maximum of 20 minutes using this transport. Moreover, the airport is located near the A4 motorway, and is linked with various parts of Kraków by public bus, while long-distance buses connect the airport with many different locations, not only in Małopolska. There is a short-term Kiss&Fly parking area located to the right of the terminal, where cars can park free of charge to drop off or pick up passengers.

Facilities for passengers

After landing in Kraków, passengers can use an information desk at the Visitor’s Centre. Besides information about the airport and airport procedures, the Centre provides information about transport options to the city centre, accommodation, and facts about Kraków and Małopolska. Yellow telephone sets have been installed around the airport, which can be used to make free calls to phone numbers in Poland. In addition, passengers can use the free Kraków Airport phone application and free Wi-Fi. In the passenger terminal, those waiting for passengers can watch the flight screens that detail information from the flightradar24 application. Passengers can benefit from the support of airport staff via Kraków Airport’s social media profiles and the ‘Need Help’ service, whose members are dressed in distinctive yellow T-shirts, are there to assist.

Services provided by the airport are adjusted to the needs of various groups of passengers, including business passengers, families travelling with children, passengers travelling with pets and passengers with disabilities. The airport has business lounges, rooms for families with children, playgrounds, chess sets and free strollers, and there is also a dog park. Fast-track service is available for eligible passengers.

Beside the centralised security checkpoint, passengers with disabilities, pregnant women and parents travelling with children under the age of three can use a separate aisle to go through security check. A VIP service has been prepared for passengers who would like to avail of the top standard of services, offered in a comfortable VIP terminal.

Kraków Airport is forecast to serve 12 million passengers a year [by 2036].

Award for the Quality of Passenger Service

The significant improvement in the quality of passenger service at Kraków Airport has been appreciated by passengers. For its efforts, the airport was awarded the ASQ Awards 2016 Award by Airport Council International for the first place in the category Europe – Best Improvement by Region. This prestigious industry award is given once a year based on the results of surveys filled out by passengers at the individual airports.