Jet-A Solutions is a value-added resource that provides forward-thinking solutions to organisations engaged in the aviation fuel industry worldwide. Founded to improve efficiency, enhance safety, validate compliance and reduce cost, Jet-A Solutions delivers a vast array of services to airport and governmental agencies, airlines, fuelling service companies, oil companies and suppliers, and fixed-base operators, as well as construction and engineering firms alike.

Jet-A Solutions brings a wealth of experience to its clients, helping them develop, refine and navigate the technical and administrative issues pertinent to their on and off-airport aviation fuel interests. Its airport and airline services include: risk assessment and gap analysis; fuel operations compliance inspection and certification services; vendor audit and compliance verification services; fuel contingency and crisis management planning; aviation fuel storage facilities and hydrant system analysis; infrastructure demand analysis; fuel facility planning and design guidance; pipeline and facility activation and flushing planning; new gateway fuel supply chain assessments; and fuel facility consortium representation.

Jet-A Solutions is experienced in managing the logistical and infrastructure challenges that face companies delivering fuel storage facility management and into-plane refuelling services. Its worldwide experience and hands-on knowledge brings value by developing:

  • best available practices and technologies (BATS)
  • health, safety and environmental programmes
  • staffing and resource productivity models
  • fuel depot operations procedures
  • measurement, inventory management and fuel accounting programmes
  • staff training and skill development programmes
  • fuel equipment inspection and maintenance programmes
  • preventive maintenance programmes
  • site-specific jet-fuel quality-assurance programmes
  • facility and pipeline risk management assessments
  • internal audit programme development
  • GSE fuelling and inventory solutions
  • processes ensuring compliance with ATA, IFQP, JIG and ICAO Manual 9977.

Jet-A Solutions and its global network of experienced fuelling professionals is uniquely qualified to guide any organisation in shaping its jet fuel operational strategy into the future.