ITW GSE is the leading supplier of power, air, cables & hoses to the aviation industry, with roots stretching back nearly 100 years. If you are in aviation and haven't yet done business with ITW GSE, there are some very good reasons forgetting to know us.

As an ITW company (Illinois Tool Works Inc.), we have a unique way of doing business, and financial strength you can depend on. At our core is the

talent and dedication of our people. We focus on what we do best, and we strive to do it better than anyone else. We share knowledge, and we learn from our customers.

If you need 400 Hz or 28 VDC ground power units, we got you covered! Our solid-state and battery powered GPUs help you in the ongoing quest for lowering the environmental impact at airports. They offer zero emissions (CO2 and NOx) at the place of use and a very low noise level plus many other advantages. Diesel powered units are also available.

If you need to cool – or heat – your aircraft, the ITW GSE 3400 PCA is a very good choice. This is the market's only modular pre-conditioned air unit that allows change of a cooling circuit in less than 20 minutes. Also, we supply a multitude of cables and hoses for all aircraft types.

The backbone of all ITW GSE equipment is our common design platform. All our products are equipped with the ITW GSE icon-based operator interface, that's as easy and intuitive to use as a smartphone. Another advantage is the modular design which means quick service and repair, spare part communality and reduced stock requirements.

Experience you can count on

With more than 80,000 units delivered to customers in over 100 countries, our products are proven to perform. Until April 2018, we sold our products under the brand names: AXA Power, Hobart, Houchin, ITW GSE Military and J&B Aviation Now we are simply ITW GSE – same great people, same great products, same great company.

ITW GSE EcoGate – unleashes up to 50% surplus power by interlinking gate equipment


By linking your GSE equipment together in an integrated system, EcoGate unlocks new efficiencies and removes power-related barriers to progress at the gate.

Many airports want to modernize and enhance their gate capabilities, but find their options limited by existing power infrastructure. EcoGate removes these barriers by integrating ITW GSE ground support units in a high-efficiency system. The technologies that make EcoGate possible are built in to the ITW GSE 3500 PCA and include data communication, Intelligent Power Management technology, and the ability to manage and share power. They also cover broader optimization capabilities such as Automated Aircraft Type Detection which allows the PCA to automatically adapt output to incoming aircraft types detected by VDGS, BMS and other systems.

More than power management

Intelligent Power Management (IPM) is a key technology in EcoGate. The dynamic power distribution that IPM provides helps control power infrastructure costs, while working with other EcoGate technologies to improve efficiency and reduce complexity for GSE operators.

IPM is hosted in the 3500 PCA and allows the intelligent PCA to manage all connected ITW GSE units at the gate. Should the GPUs, that are the most critical connections during flight preparations, require maximum power for a short period of time, the PCA smoothly adjusts its own consumption to stay below the pre-set limit of the total system.

The 3500 PCA manages the installed power without compromising neither the power nor the fresh air requirements of the aircraft, offering the airport a simpler installation that is easier to maintain and takes up less space. It also allows more equipment at the gate, reduces complexity, and ensures that you will never exceed your available power capacity. This is much in line with ITW GSE’s philosophy of keeping things simple to increase efficiency and reliability.

Airports around the world are at their power capacity limits. For those, the advantages of going from traditional gate to EcoGate are obvious. IPM enables them to add another GPU, one more PCA or other equipment without heavy investments in new basic infrastructure. And for new projects, IPM reduces complexity and the cost of power-related installations. In both cases, it’s all about more value for money.

Breakthrough benefits

  • Advance your gate economics with improvements you could not make affordably before.
  • Optimize equipment efficiencies and reduce the risk of human error.
  • Electrify your gate and reduce your carbon footprint further.
  • Modernize your infrastructure planning based  on a microgrid approach.
  • Start your journey towards integrated solutions  and services at the gate.

(428 ord / 2786 tegn)

ITW GSE 3500 – unique PCA with ground-breaking technology

The 3500 PCA supplies fresh, clean air into parked aircraft, provides a pleasant atmosphere for the crew and the passengers, and makes aircraft turn-around faster and more effective.

Optimized airflow and passenger comfort

The ITW GSE 3500 is the only PCA on the market to adapt its airflow to the specific aircraft type and not just to an aircraft category. Automated Aircraft Type Detection enables the PCA to optimize the cooling performance through an integration with VDGS, BMS or other data collecting systems which automatically transfers information on the arriving aircraft type to the PCA as soon as the aircraft approaches the gate. Thus, the 3500 PCA knows the exact aircraft setting and can deliver the optimal airflow into the cabin instead of an average airflow determined by the aircraft category. Automated Aircraft Type Detection optimizes the airflow and increases the cooling performance by more than 50%. This enhances the cabin temperature and ensures a higher passenger comfort.

Intelligent power utilization

The 3500 PCA carries the same advantages as its predecessor, the 3400, such as a truly modular design which makes it possible to change the cooling module in only 20 minutes. Also, the ITW GSE PCAs are ‘the brain’ in the Intelligent Power Management (IPM) system, allowing you to exploit your installed gate power smarter. With the IPM concept, the PCA monitors all connected equipment at the gate. If the GPUs require maximum power for a short period of time, the PCA simply adjusts its own consumption to stay  below the pre-set current limit of the complete gate system. This happens quickly and smoothly, so the passengers do not feel any change in the cabin temperature. 

Variable Frequency Drive enables easy and stepless regulation of the discharge temperature reducing the energy consumption of the 3500 PCA to a minimum since it supplies the exact amount of cold air required and not more. Stepless regulation implies less mechanical stress, boosts reliability, and gives a better return on investment. The excellent high-power factor of >0.97 means a line current reduction of up to 20% compared to similar PCA units with the same rating.

Two-in-one solution

The ITW GSE 3500 comes with the option of a built-in 400 Hz GPU and is the ideal solution for narrow body contact gates. Having only one single unit on the passenger boarding bridge saves space, reduces the weight, and makes the PBB solution aesthetic. It also eases the installation and requires less cabling which leads to lower infrastructure costs. The 3500 PCA is available for mounting underneath the Passenger Boarding Bridge, as an apron mounted unit, and in a mobile version.

Smart advantages of the ITW GSE 3500 PCA

  • Automated Aircraft Type Detection optimizes airflow and improves cooling capacity
  • Intelligent Power Management reduces infrastructure costs
  • Low energy consumption
  • 400 Hz built-in (option)


ITW GSE 3400 PCA – A truly Modular PCA

ITW GSE is a trustworthy partner designing and optimizing GSE equipment. We also have strong expertise within cooling technology. The ITW GSE PCA 3400 is an innovative, smart and environmentally friendly PCA unit for de-centralized use. It supplies fresh, clean air into parked aircraft at carefully monitored temperatures and provides a pleasant atmosphere for the crew and the passengers. It also makes aircraft turn-around faster and more effective.


The ITW GSE point-of-use pre-conditioned air units are the market's ONLY modular PCA (patented). You can exchange a cooling module in approx. 20 minutes and without dismounting the unit from the installation spot! And the replacement can be done by a technician with no special skills. This smart and innovative PCA is available in the following models: 130 kg/min & 210 kg/min.

Smart advantages of the ITW GSE 3400 PCA

  • Flexible, simple and innovative design
  • Easy and time-saving maintenance due to modular design
  • Savings on installation due to low input current
  • Optimal and efficient cooling thanks to variable frequency drives
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Passenger comfort and high air quality
  • Tested in a highly advanced in-house PCA climate chamber.

Stepless regulation

The 3400 design breaks completely new ground by using variable frequency drive technology that gives easy, stepless regulation of the discharge temperature. Therefore, the ITW GSE 3400 PCA units supply exactly the required amount of cold air and not more. They use much less energy than other PCAs that are designed for peak load conditions although these conditions probably only apply for 10-20 days each year.

Those PCAs deliver excess capacity for about 80% of the time, wasting lots of expensive energy and creating undesirable emissions. Another advantage of the stepless regulation is less mechanical stress – which boosts reliability and service life and gives you a better return on investment.

ITW GSE 2400 Compact GPU – The market's best choice

The ITW GSE 2400 Compact GPU series is the market's best choice when it comes to 400 Hz solid-state, point-of-use GPUs. It is small and simple, reliable and robust. It has all kinds of outstanding technical qualities from the unique output voltage at the aircraft plug, the common ITW GSE user interface, the standard overload capabilities that matches all types of aircraft to software update via USB.

Optimum voltage at the aircraft plug

The 2400 Compact GPU is equipped with the patented Plug & Play system. Therefore, you experience an outstanding voltage quality at the aircraft plug. This is what matters and what makes your aircraft accept the voltage from the GPU. The Plug & Play means that the ITW GSE 2400 Compact fulfills the stringent requirements of most installations as it compensates for long symmetrical output cables, unbalanced loads as well as various power factors. The magnetic wave-shaping topology ensures a clean input power with a unity power factor and a current THD less than 5%.

The ITW GSE 2400 Compact provides

  • 400% standard overload which makes the GPU future-proof
  • ITW GSE common user interface
  • Maximum personal safety
  • Easy access for cable connection & vital components
  • Suits all types of aircraft incl. A380, A350, B787
  • Complies with ISO6858 – and third party tested.

ITW GSE 2400 Power Coil – The Aesthetic Power Solution

The ITW GSE 2400 Power Coil includes a 400 Hz, 90 kVA power supply and a cable coil in one single enclosure.

This leaves the PBB and the apron nice and neat and pleasant to look at. Especially, where glass bridges is the preferred solution, the aesthetic aspect is important. The Power Coil works perfectly well with all sizes of bridges and all types of aircraft.

Innovative Solution based on Experience

The ITW GSE 2400 Power Coil offers a highly reliable and robust design including a front plate in stainless steel. The Power Coil has an improved cable guidance system that ensures easy and smooth cable handling.

As a standard, the Power Coil comes with 24m of cable (useable length). However, the spacious housing has room for at least 28m cable. The cable is rolled completely into the housing after use. The rolling automatically stops when the plug head is level with the lower edge of the Power Coil thus leaving the apron free.

Unsurpassed Advantages:

  • Quick & Easy installation
  • Less stress on the passenger boarding bridge
  • Supply all Aircraft (PF 0.8 – PF1)
  • Optimum voltage quality at the aircraft plug
  • High reliability and easy maintenance
  • Innovative design
  • ITW GSE Operator Interface
  • Downloads and Updates via USB.

Additional Advantages:

  • Weight reduction compared to the traditional solution with a separate converter and a cable coil
  • Space saving
  • One complete, tested and adjusted system
  • Requires only mounting and mains input cable installation
  • No cable compensation / adjustment needed
  • Simplified mechanical installation.

ITW GSE 1400, 28 VDC solid-state GPU – small and easily manoeuverable

Are you looking for a small and powerful 28 VDC solid-state Ground Power Unit? Easy to manoeuver and not space demanding neither in its mobile nor fixed version? Then, the ITW GSE1400 GPU solid-state 28 VDC GPU is the answer. The solid-state technology means that wear and tear is limited to a minimum since there are no rotating parts. The result is a very reliable and dependable unit that is built to last for a long time. In case of service or repair, the canopy can be completely removed within minutes, thus leaving full access to all parts.

Over the years, this 28 VDC GPU has proven to be rock-solid – it works perfectly well, even under the hardest climatic conditions.

Available in the following ratings:

  • 400A – 600A with peak loads of 1600 and 2400A
  • The units are available in mobile as well as in fixed versions.


ITW GSE 7400 eGPU – For Cleaner and Greener Airports

The ITW GSE 7400 eGPU offers flexibility, zero emissions, low noise level and reliable power. It simply changes how airports think about ground power.

Airports all over the world are interested in reducing their environmental impact. Often the world's largest airports are located next to major cities that are growing in line with global trends, meaning cities and airports are coming into ever-closer contact. This leads to stricter requirements in terms of the emissions local governments can and will accept. To support greener and cleaner airports and a better working environment for the airport staff, the ITW GSE 7400 is the answer.

Extreme Flexibility

The ITW GSE 7400 eGPU is a ground breaking power unit without compromises. It is independent due to the onboard battery packs and you can easily transport the unit to wherever it is needed. The highly flexible 7400 eGPU provides the same outstanding, well-proven features as other ITW GSE solid-state GPUs, including accurate and clean output voltage at the aircraft plug, and individual phase regulation of each output phase. It can perform multiple turnarounds before it needs recharging, and the recharge can be done from any standard 50/60Hz socket.

The ITW GSE 7400 eGPU combines two known technologies into one innovative GPU: State-of-the-art Li-ion technology at input and ITW GSE solid-state converter technology at output. This is your guarantee for a very reliable battery ground power unit and the 7400 is already helping airports all over the world achieve their sustainability goals.

ITW GSE 7400 JetEx 28 VDC eGPU – Simply small and powerful

The ITW GSE 7400 JetEx, 28 VDC eGPU is a purely battery driven unit. Therefore, it is super quiet and emission free to the benefit of operators and staff. It also makes the eGPU ideal for hangar and for remote use as well.

The eGPU can be used for engine start, ramp operations or for test of avionics. Actually, the 7400 has enough capacity to perform up to 100 engine starts on a full charge. If need be, the 28 VDC power unit can be charged simultaneously while delivering power to an aircraft. The ITW GSE 7400 JetEx 28 VDC eGPU combines two known technologies into one innovative GPU. The JetEx eGPU is powered by a 4 fourth-generation Nissan Leaf battery pack with a capacity of 40 kWh. The same type of battery as in all Nissan branded electric vehicles. Since 2010, over 400,000 of these vehicles have been sold, with close to 90,000 in 2018 alone. At the output of the eGPU is ITW GSE's well-proven 28 VDC solid-state converter. This combination of two tried and true technologies has created the rock-solid eGPU.

The ITW GSE 7400 JetEx eGPU is well suited to cover the power need for aircraft like the following:

  • Cessna Citation
  • Beechjet
  • Gulfstream G250
  • Dassault FalconJet
  • ATR 42 & 72
  • Bombardier Q400
  • Dash 8.